The beautiful, lyrical language of Gaelic is well

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The beautiful, lyrical language of Gaelic is well worth preserving - Today News Post Today News || UK News

THERE was a time in Scotland when the sole language to be spoken, enforceable in lawThe trial in Edmonton provincial court is expected to last three to four days., was EnglishThe dark web, a hidden part o. Scots Gaelic in particular was totally outlawed. The English language has served us well but it must be recognised that a native tongue which is part of our national heritage ought not to be “allowed” (and certainly not forced)?to vanishThe Russian territory..

It does to me seem shameful that it is not promoted in our education system to an acceptable level and it is admirable that Welsh and Irish Gaelic are given recognition in other parts of the precious Union. There are many examples of our culture worthy of preserving and a beautiful, lyrical and pure language is surely one such. I agree with and endorse the views of David Smart and Julia Pannell (Letters, December 9). It is encouraging that an effort is being made to promote Gaelic in Forfar.

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