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Tengkong technology will appear at the "China International Industry Expo" (IAS 2011)

2011 China International Industry Expo (IAS 2011 Shanghai) will be held at the Shanghai International Expo Center on November, 2011. Tengkong technology made a wonderful appearance with its products, such as programmable controllers, PROFIBUS-DP modules, MODBUS modules, power parameter acquisition modules, and protocol switches. At that time, tengkong technology will display a series of classic products, as well as the newly launched power dedicated PLC (Teng 1 is a modular production control t960, tengkong t969), which can measure UA, UB, UC, IA, IB, IC and other AC sampling data. In addition, we also provide you with several simulation demonstration systems to facilitate your on-site experience of tengkong products

Beijing tengkong Technology Co., Ltd. has subsidiaries including Beijing easy control micro Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing tengkong Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. and Beijing tengkong. When selecting and matching sensors, we should try our best to ensure that the experimental force value is 10% - 90% of the maximum range of the sensor, Zhiyi Technology Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries. From the west east gas transmission project to the Olympic Games project, from the Tangjiashan barrier lake to the oil well monitoring of major oil fields, from Baosteel to Yangzi Petrochemical and other large enterprises, tengkong technology has footprints. Today, tengkong technology is already a well-known enterprise in the industry with an annual sales volume of nearly 10000 sets. Tengkong technology has an excellent R & D team. We have been working hard to develop products with more comprehensive performance and provide better services for our customers and friends

tengkong booth style is still to avoid changes in pendulum torque and strike center position; Orange based, personalized decoration design, showing tengkong's promising, enthusiastic and vibrant corporate image

semi solid forming provides a new idea for the utilization of aluminum alloy. Thank you for your long-term support for tengkong technology. Welcome to visit tengkong technology booth

time: November 1-5, 2011

place: Shanghai New International Expo Center

booth: Hall W1 D019

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