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Teradata Tianrui released IOT analysis accelerator

based on reliable patented technology, it launched IOT analysis, transforming sensor data flow into return on investment income flow

China, Beijing - the global leader came to Tongling from Suzhou two years ago. Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), a big data analysis service provider that invested and set up factories in Tongling, released four powerful analytics of things accelerator (AOTA) to accelerate the transformation of IOT data into practical insight information. In manufacturing, transportation, mining, energy, power and other industries, Teradata Tianrui has developed these accelerators in practical applications with the world's largest and most innovative IOT enterprises. These accelerators include general technology intellectual property (IP), professional services and reliable application solutions, which can reduce implementation costs and risks, shorten the time to discover data value, and achieve a business return much higher than the initial investment

teradata IOT analysis accelerator helps enterprises determine the sensor data that can be trusted and retained, and select the best analysis technology type and combination to solve specific business problems. These accelerators can also help enterprises shift from high-cost experimental projects to enterprise level solutions, expand support for thousands of devices and countless data assets, and bring continuous positive business impact. The new Teradata AOTA specifically includes:

condition based maintenance accelerator continuously monitors and analyzes large-scale remote instruments or equipment to improve availability and safety and reduce various costs

the manufacturing performance optimization accelerator finds complex production problems based on equipment performance and availability, so as to take rapid corrective measures

the sensor data qualification accelerator automatically recommends the optimal frequency of sensor readings based on related irregular patterns

visual anomaly prospector accelerator mines a large amount of multi-dimensional time series (MTS) data from remotely monitored equipment and instruments, and helps end users intuitively find abnormal patterns that always occur before important events

Scott Ulrich, head of the senior engineering team of Caterpillar's large power system department, said: in order to reduce the total cost of ownership of caterpillar customers, we now have the ability to feed engine sensor data, which can show which remote engines need manual intervention when. We can also predict failures, predict spare parts inventory demand, and recommend proactive maintenance tasks. These projects are leading us to realize a new service model and generate revenue from new service level agreements and professional monitoring and intervention

oliver ratzesberger, executive vice president and chief product officer of Teradata Tianrui company, said: Teradata AOTA has helped the automotive, equipment, oil, natural gas and aerospace industries to successfully solve all kinds of important but thorny problems in the composite market competition is very fierce. Before adopting Teradata AOTA, each enterprise needs to invest billions of dollars in the budget to solve these problems, which undoubtedly highlights the significant business value brought by AOTA. For example, AOTA has improved the overall equipment efficiency by up to 85%, and enhanced predictability and asset availability. These accelerators have won the favor of many enterprises, because their return on investment can be achieved in different ranges of improving the plasticizing performance of dry mixtures, and bring convincing business influence

by 2020, it is estimated that 21billion digital devices in the world will be put into use. As the scale of IOT data has surpassed the data trend of social media, leading information enterprises must now start to determine the various needs necessary to support the use and Realization of IOT capabilities. In addition to identifying these needs, they must also develop strategies, processes and implementation plans to ensure a robust return on investment through data optimization

Dr. Richard hackathorn, President and founder of bolder technology, said: in my interview with eight Teradata customers in different industries, I found that IOT applications deployed by enterprises are creating considerable business value, which is 0.2 percentage points higher than the same period last year. Our research shows that this value comes from the hybrid analysis of traditional data such as customers, products and sensor data. By using the expertise of previous IOT projects, these new AOTA can help enterprises create value faster and improve the success rate of enterprise IOT projects

Ratzesberger added: most enterprises are still unclear. Teradata consulting service team has implemented sensor data analysis projects since the late 1990s, and has extensive experience in manufacturing and power industry. The professional team of Teradata consulting services can skillfully solve the most important data problems in almost all major industries. No matter what kind of analysis ecosystem customers use, they can professionally control IOT data

teradata IOT analysis accelerator has been officially released

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compared with other enterprises, Teradata Tianrui company (NYSE: TDC) helps enterprises obtain more value from data. Our big data analysis solutions and expert teams can help enterprises use data to gain long-term competitive advantage

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