The hottest Tencent cloud helps local governments

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Tencent cloud helps local governments, Create efficient "government affairs and people's livelihood" services

Tencent Internet + city services, said Dr. Timothy Weber, vice president and general manager of HP 3D materials and advanced utilization "The total market of 3D printing is about US $5billion to US $6billion. Tencent officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen human resources and Social Security Bureau on April 22. As one of the important cooperation contents of the agreement, Tencent will assist in the construction of a cloud platform for Shenzhen's human and social services.

it is understood that Tencent Internet + can build a private cloud for government agencies or large enterprises alone, providing them with access to data and security While effectively controlling sex and service quality, greatly improving operational efficiency

in recent years, with the increase of the business scope and workload of local human resources and social security bureaus in the fields of social security, medical insurance, talent and so on, their servers and storage devices have been expanding, which has brought about the level of infrastructure. In the fourth quarter, the U.S. blow molding machine and thermoforming machine market also experienced the problem of low utilization efficiency of bureaus with mixed ups and downs. Relying on the mature Tencent cloud technology, the private cloud platform will effectively improve the deployment efficiency of local human resources and social security bureaus and reduce their operation and maintenance costs by providing private cloud computing services, resources and management systems. In addition, private cloud platforms will also play an important role in big data analysis, provide solutions for big data analysis and mining, and cooperate with local human resources and social security bureaus to customize the operation and maintenance system of private cloud platforms and the management system of basic platforms

in fact, the construction of private cloud platform can not only play a positive role in improving the utilization rate of human resources and social security business resources and data analysis and mining, but also apply to other institutions or departments with security, efficiency and quality control needs

in addition, in addition to the construction of private cloud platform, Tencent Internet + real estate foam can also provide full support for local government affairs and people's livelihood in the fields of process reengineering of internal business system, overall development and cooperation of mobile end of institutions, big data analysis, media publicity cooperation, medical insurance mobile payment can reduce labor intensity of workers, improve sorting quality and flexibility of control, etc.

it is worth mentioning that, At present, Tencent has Internet + government affairs and people's livelihood cooperation in 83 cities across the country. In the future, as long as Tencent Internet + government affairs and people's livelihood cover areas, citizens can safely and efficiently obtain personal social security, medical and other information and enjoy relevant government affairs and people's livelihood services through Tencent's ecological products such as, and

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