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Tencent cloud intelligent manufacturing disclosed three strategic layouts for the first time, and released the "511" ecological partnership plan

on September 10, Tencent cloud intelligent manufacturing disclosed three strategic layouts for the first time at the Tencent global digital ecosystem conference, and released the 511 ecological plan at the same time. In the future, it will focus on the five links of industrial manufacturing and research, production, supply, marketing and service, and work with 100 partners to create 1000 industry solutions

Cai Yi, head of Tencent cloud enterprise business, said that the epidemic has accelerated the dependence of traditional enterprises on digital transformation to a certain extent. At the same time, with the support of official policies, the demand for industrial cloud base products and industrial Internet platforms is increasing

the first disclosure of the three major tracks: Industrial Internet platform, enterprise digitalization, industrial AI

as a digital assistant for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing samples will change with wear and tear. With the acceleration of the new infrastructure layout, Tencent cloud gave full play to its product and technical advantages last year, and created wemake solutions suitable for the manufacturing field with ecological partners, helping industrial enterprises consolidate their core competitiveness, Promote digital upgrading

specifically, wemake provides enterprises with end-to-end solutions, covering the whole business process of research, production, supply, marketing and service. According to the business characteristics of different sub industries and the needs of application scenarios, using the new generation of information technology, Tencent cloud's industrial capability base, combined with industry know-how, can quickly customize solutions for enterprise customers

at the meeting, Tencent cloud also fully disclosed the three strategic directions and practical experience of intelligent manufacturing for the first time. First, it helped to digitize regional industries, build an industrial interconnection platform, and provide local small and medium-sized enterprises with the last mile of digitalization capacity; Second, provide product solutions for enterprise digital transformation; The third is to launch the industrial scenario Innovation Scheme of big data and AI

data shows that Tencent cloud has landed eight industrial Internet platforms across the country, with the widest coverage and the fastest growth rate among domestic cloud manufacturers. Relying on Tencent cloud's technology accumulation and solution capabilities, the platform has built businesses and capabilities with industrial attributes such as manufacturing, operation management and marketing, and opened up the whole chain channel from the front line of production to enterprise decision makers

at the same time, by aggregating ecological enterprises and high-quality cooperation resources in the field of Tencent industrial interconnection, local industrial interconnection platforms will also help local cities speed up the building of regional manufacturing transformation service capabilities based locally and radiating around, and build industrial interconnection industrial clusters

in terms of enterprise digital transformation, Tencent cloud not only meets the needs of internal intensive management services, but also provides enterprises with post market intelligent operation solutions

the use of composite materials in cars mainly includes the following categories: structural parts, body and body parts, under bonnet parts, interior decoration parts. In April this year, Tencent cloud helped Linglong tire build a smart marketing cloud platform. Through the platform's capabilities of information collection, touch, and link, Tencent cloud realized the digital integration of upstream and downstream orders, inventory, and services, more efficiently reached users, and quickly responded to market demand, Build a smart industrial post market cloud platform for Linglong tire. At present, the smart marketing cloud platform has covered 300 core dealers of Linglong tire in China, with 15000 franchise stores, and the sales growth rate of more than 50%

in the field of industrial AI, Tencent cloud has built a full stack of AI capabilities from NLP, voice, vision, to game and robot, and has gone deep into the field of industrial manufacturing. Facing the full life cycle of industrial manufacturing, Tencent cloud has provided a complete set of industrial data intelligent solutions such as digital factory, intelligent production management, equipment intelligence and intelligent marketing COMAC, csot and other enterprises have achieved successful delivery, clamping the test piece in the collet and landing

511 ecological partnership plan: five links, 100 partners, 1000 solutions

Industrial interconnection requires efficient collaboration and data connectivity between enterprises and between enterprises and ecosystems in order to achieve the overall improvement of the industry, said Liang Ding'an, general manager of Tencent cloud intelligent manufacturing. Tencent cloud's benchmark cases in the field of intelligent manufacturing have also benefited from the support of partners

in the industrial interconnection scenario, Tencent cloud provides a strong base of industrial capabilities, building midrange capabilities such as face-to-face data intelligence, IOT, industrial AI, 5g, collaborative office, etc. At the same time, through Qianfan plan, SaaS accelerator, Ivy League university and other resources, we will work with ecological partners to create a deep integration solution for vertical industries, so as to provide practical and easy-to-use services and applications for enterprises

the on-site electronic universal tensile machine can be used as an experimental project. Tencent cloud also announced that it will build a strong platform and ecological wemake ecological alliance, and release the 511 ecological partnership plan, focusing on the five links of industrial manufacturing research, production, supply, marketing and service, and work together with 100 partners to create 1000 solutions

intelligent manufacturing is an important starting point to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry. With the support of relevant national policies, Tencent cloud will work with more ecological partners to create a new model for the integrated development of intelligent manufacturing and the real economy

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