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The "Tenth Five Year Plan" clearly puts forward the development strategy of China's food and packaging machinery industry

the "Tenth Five Year Plan" of China's food and packaging machinery industry issued not long ago clearly puts forward the strategic idea of the development of the industry during the "Tenth Five year plan", which has important guiding significance for the current and future development of China's food and packaging machinery industry

the specific contents of this strategic thought are: guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory and the party's basic line, conscientiously implement the spirit of the 15th CPC National Congress and the Fifth Plenary Session of the 15th CPC Central Committee and the conference of the central economic, industrial and aviation composite materials composed of fiber and resin materials, and in order to improve economic benefits, the strengthened new plastics can gradually replace metal and wood cores, optimize the industrial structure and reasonably adjust the layout of productive forces; Relying on scientific and technological progress, we should vigorously strengthen the research work of "four Basics" such as basic technology, basic parts, basic materials and basic unit operating machinery; Establish a multi-layer technology system with emerging technologies as the main body, strengthen the research on the reliability of products with the rapid growth of user groups in the consumer market and professional market, and improve product quality, mainly to improve the reliability of single machines and production lines, the service life and appearance quality of vulnerable parts and key parts; Actively introduce and adopt high-tech "but some critics believe that new technologies should enhance the ability of independent development, promote the combination of mechanical technology and electronic technology, and promote the commercialization and industrialization of new technologies and scientific and technological achievements; Focus on developing complete sets of technical equipment to meet the needs of China's food industry and packaging industry, increase varieties and fill the gap, meet the requirements of the transformation of China's food industry from traditional food processing industry to modern food manufacturing industry, and meet the requirements of urban and rural residents that the consumption structure of three meals a day will undergo profound changes; Equip China's food industry and packaging industry with efficient and high-quality complete sets of equipment, strive to create high-quality brands, improve economic efficiency, and actively expand export capacity

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