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Tencent cloud became the only listed public cloud manufacturer in the world. On October, at the KVM forum conference held in Prague, Christian borntraeger18, the main maintainer of KVM from IBM, and advanced medical equipment reported to the conference the progress of current KVM open source projects, and counted the contributions of global enterprises to KVM in 2017 according to the number of patches

among them, Tencent cloud has contributed 46 patches to share KVM kernel with entrepreneurs after obtaining product certification, which is among the top 3 companies in the world It ranks 6th among the contributors of accessory industry such as gapless chuck, and is the only public cloud manufacturer on the list. This marks that Tencent cloud's R & D strength in the field of KVM virtualization has entered the ranks of global first-line manufacturers

at the meeting, Xiao Guangrong, an expert engineer of Tencent cloud computing product center, was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the KVM forum due to his excellent performance and contribution in virtual machine hot migration

during the hot migration process, the virtual machine monitor needs to track the memory writes of the virtual machine and transfer the dirty memory to the target host in the next iteration of the migration. For memory write tracking, write protection and dirty page bitmap must be used. Memory write protection is used to know which memory has been written, and the dirty page bitmap tells the virtual machine monitor which pages are dirty pages. These two are important factors that affect the migration performance of virtual machines

Xiao Guangrong focused on the latest progress of Tencent cloud in improving the performance of virtual machine hot migration and the current research and development achievements of Tencent cloud in improving write protection and dirty page bitmap synchronization

fast write protection has two characteristics: no lock and the algorithm complexity is O (1), which means that its performance is independent of the memory size and workload of the virtual machine. Dirty page bitmap synchronization uses zero copy method to share dirty page bitmap memory between virtual machine monitor and KVM kernel module to achieve the purpose of fast synchronization. Fast write protection is of great value to improve the speed and success rate of virtual machine migration. This major improvement will soon be incorporated into the latest KVM version

in recent years, Tencent cloud has been adhering to the open and shared mentality to participate in open source. With its huge user base and KVM cluster size, Tencent cloud has done in-depth research and rich practice in KVM virtualization. Since Tencent cloud joined the Linux foundation in May 2017, it has made greater efforts to give back to the community. In the field of KVM kernel, Tencent cloud has been the public cloud manufacturer with the highest contribution

kvm forum is an annual event organized by KVM open source project. It mainly provides developers and users with a high-end technology forum meeting to discuss the development trend and future development of Linux virtualization technology. Although China's polyurethane industry has a considerable range of exchanges, it is the most important and authoritative conference of KVM community

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