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Tengzhou No.1 machinery company was fined 200000 yuan for failing to do environmental assessment approval for ten years.

on August 27, Tengzhou Environmental Protection Bureau announced the "decision on administrative punishment of Shandong Dingli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.". After investigation, Shandong Dingli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dingli construction machinery) was fined 200000 yuan for failing to go through the environmental assessment approval procedures for ten years and starting the construction and production of a test-bed for changing the fatigue performance of automobile transmission shafts without authorization

after investigation, Dingli construction machinery (address: wulitun village, Jinghe sub district office, Tengzhou City) did not go through the EIA approval procedures, and started the construction and production of vacuum insulation board in 2008. Tengzhou Environmental Protection Bureau believes that Dingli construction machinery violates Article 22 of the Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the people's Republic of China and Article 19 of the regulations on the administration of environmental protection of construction projects. On August 15, Tengzhou Environmental Protection Bureau delivered the "Notice of administrative punishment in advance" and "Notice of administrative punishment hearing" to Dingli construction machinery

according to Article 23 of the regulations on the administration of environmental protection of construction projects, Tengzhou Environmental Protection Bureau ordered Dingli construction machinery to stop production immediately and imposed a fine of 200000 yuan

[: Yang Fan, Zhang Chenpeng]

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can children take off their glasses. Listen to what experts say about children's vision decline. When do you need glasses? Once equipped with glasses, will it be impossible to "take them off"? Let's talk about children's eyesight

Recently, Ms. fan, who lives in Taoyuan community, Shizhong District, bought cosmetics in a shopping mall on Jiefang Road. A salesperson called her "dear little sister", which made her very embarrassed


unlicensed catering stores are mixed with "meituan", "hungry" and other online ordering platforms. Tengzhou Procuratorate issued procuratorial suggestions on online catering rectification to the regulatory department


the highest temperature is 31 ℃, accompanied by thunderstorms and showers. Zaozhuang is much cooler this week. The highest temperature in Zaozhuang in the next week is about 31 ℃, which is 1 ℃ lower than last week. It has completely bid farewell to the previous high temperature days of 35 ℃

According to the Ministry of transport station, on August 24, a girl in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province was killed while riding Didi's hitchhiker. According to the situation announced by the police, Didi company was involved in this vicious incident

Shandong 24-hour

the group seeking beauty on campus is growing. Cosmetic surgery has become a "school gift" for children

when taking plastics as an example, Zhang Min, a girl from Yicheng, Zaozhuang City, won the championship in the four person single oar competition of the Asian Games in Jakarta

It is understood that in 2018, there were 73 key dispatching service projects in the city, with a total investment of 33.426 billion yuan, an annual planned investment of 11.251 billion yuan, and an investment of 7.997 billion yuan in September, 71.1% of the annual plan


our city holds a training course on women's rights protection business Zaozhuang news. Recently, the Municipal Women's Federation and the Municipal Bureau of civil affairs jointly held the city's marriage and family counseling voluntary service and women's rights protection business training course in the Party School of the municipal Party committee


while focusing on the development of urban public transport new energy vehicles with BRT as the leader, Zaozhuang firmly establishes the concept of "urban-rural integration, public transport priority", innovates the development mode of urban-rural passenger transport integration, and promotes urban public transport




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