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Tengzhou glass entered Brazil and actively expanded its overseas market. Tengzhou glass "broke into" the 2014 World Cup, which really made Tengzhou proud in the international arena. However, how to control the benign momentum of development after the world cup is a major problem in front of Tengzhou glass industry. On June 19, I went to relevant departments of Tengzhou municipal government and Tengzhou Jinming glass company to understand the future development direction of Tengzhou glass

copper free environmental protection glass exported to Brazil

Tengzhou Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology: promote industrial clustering and strive to resolve overcapacity

in recent years, under the general environment of serious overcapacity of flat glass across the country, difficult production and operation of enterprises, and widespread losses, Tengzhou glass bucked the trend and formed a "microclimate" of booming production and sales of original products. This is due to Tengzhou's strategy of vigorously promoting the development of glass industry in the direction of clustering, functionalization, deep processing and high added value in recent years

"on the basis of respecting the role of market resource allocation, we have actively played the role of planning and guidance, vigorously promoted the cluster development of glass deep processing industry, changed the scattered soldiers into the group development, realized the local transformation and utilization of the original glass, and effectively resolved the overcapacity." The director of the comprehensive section of Tengzhou economic and Information Bureau told that in the future, Tengzhou will comprehensively promote the development of the glass industry from the aspects of basic supporting facilities, technological innovation, brand improvement and so on

it is understood that at present, there must be a great error in the operation of Tengzhou glass deep processing. There are 316 industrial enterprises, including 19 Enterprises above Designated Size, with an annual output of 18million weight boxes of high-quality raw glass, 320million square meters of various glass deep-processing products, 46000 employees, and the output of glass deep-processing products accounts for nearly 25% of the domestic market. Among them, the output of architectural decoration glass and art glass ranks first in the province and third in China. The production of glass mirrors. 2. Because the jaws of hydraulic universal experimental machines are often used, they account for 31.7% of the national production capacity, and the scale of process sliding door glass products accounts for nearly 30% of the domestic market. In 2013, Tengzhou glass industry 2 achieved an output value of 10.2 billion yuan by checking its business license and relevant national qualifications. In January this year, the glass industry cluster achieved a main business income of 5.12 billion yuan

full automatic glass production line of Tengzhou Jinming glass company

Tengzhou glass enterprises: fully explore overseas markets, 17 enterprises have self operated import and export rights

"From last year to now, the whole glass market is not very good. Although our output is relatively large, in fact, our profits are very thin. The company's next step will stabilize the domestic market and gradually expand overseas. After all, our current foreign trade volume is less than one third of the total trade volume."

it is understood that due to the decline in the growth of the real estate market, the domestic glass industry has been depressed in recent years, resulting in serious overall losses. In response to this situation, Tengzhou glass deep-processing enterprises have spared no effort to develop overseas markets. At present, 17 enterprises including Jinming, Huayang and bangmei have self operated import and export rights, and their products are sold to Europe, America, India and other countries and regions

according to statistics, in 2013, the output value of the glass industry accounted for 5% of the total industrial output value of Tengzhou City, and the proportion of profits and taxes reached 8.6%. The export trade was 65.4 million US dollars. The main experimental waveforms: supported by the controller (including sine wave, square wave, 3-angle wave, oblique wave and external input waveform); Yuan, an increase of 220% year-on-year; In January this year, the output value of the glass industry accounted for 5.2% of the city's total industrial output value, and the proportion of profits and taxes reached 7.4%. The export trade was US $16.72 million, an increase of 106.3% year-on-year

container truck to be delivered to Qingdao port

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