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Jiezuo intelligent toilet interprets sanitary life clean and healthy

[electromechanical news] Nowadays, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and a healthy and fresh life is what urbanites pursue. When you return home, you always want to get rid of the fatigue and irritability of the city. A simple and healthy bathroom space may eliminate all your fatigue and let you quietly enjoy comfort and happiness

the pointer of Jiezuo intelligent toilet universal experimental machine vibrates or the pointer of standard dynamometer dial indicator vibrates or both vibrate at the same time. With simple lines, it integrates into your bathroom space, making the bathroom space more intelligent and clean. Positioning at the middle and high end, integrating international advanced mainstream design concepts, leading the urban fashion trend, and making convenience a kind of enjoyment

for a long time, Jiezuo intelligent sanitary ware has been committed to the intelligent toilet, which not only has a strong brand foundation, but also has a reliable user reputation. Jiezuo intelligent sanitary ware advocates healthy home life and leads the latest trend of fashionable intelligent sanitary ware. Intelligence is positioned in green and environmental protection, convenience and comfort, solid product quality, continuous development and innovation, and build China's top ten brands of intelligent toilet

feel the smart toilet of Jiezuo

1. Full touch key design

the full touch key design is adopted, which makes the use process more convenient, the cleaning more thorough, and the stains do not leave marks

2. Nozzle self-cleaning

before and after use, spray the push plate to the inside, and the dispensing head will be self-cleaning to keep clean and hygienic. Let you have a healthy bathroom space environment

3. Double nozzle design

there are two nozzles for hip cleaning (rear) and women's special (front cleaning), which can achieve the cleaning effect according to different uses

4. Slow down and mute function

after letting go, the toilet seat and toilet cover will automatically close slowly, and the noise will be made only when it is closed slowly, which is not only clean but also more quiet

5. Intelligent power saving

with intelligent learning and memory function, it can automatically pre heat the water temperature and toilet seat according to the daily living habits of users, and automatically stop heating after use, so as to achieve energy-saving effect

6. Location sensing

the flushing switch will not start until people are seated. There is no need to worry about the embarrassment caused by pressing the switch by mistake. It is very humanized

7. Antibacterial toilet seat

toilet seats that directly contact the skin are made of antibacterial materials, which are not easy for bacteria to adhere, and fully protect the health of you and your family

8. Pulse water flow flushing

the unique pulse water flow flushing allows you to enjoy spa massage in your private parts and make life full of endless fun

9. Cold catalyst technology

it is proposed that high-performance modified plastics such as PC and peek are significantly used in electronic appliances. The composition design of domestic high-strength, high toughness - low quenching sensitivity aluminum alloy and the microstructure control criteria in the manufacturing process are combined with cold catalyst technology to double deodorize, making the bathroom space more fresh and clean

Jiezuo intelligent bathroom makes the bathroom space full of intelligence and cleanliness, taking you into the era of intelligent washing and enjoying a healthy life

welcome to join Jiezuo intelligent bathroom and lead the technology of intelligent washing together:

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