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Laura IOT's intelligent street lamp lights up the future city

in ancient times, drilling wood for fire was the first revolution of human lighting; At the beginning of the 19th century, Edison invented the tungsten bulb, so far the electric lamp has entered the homes of ordinary people, and human lighting has achieved the second revolution; Nowadays, with the advent of intelligent era, our lighting system needs to realize automatic intelligent control, beautify the environment, save energy, cloud management and other functions

in recent years, China's urban construction has shown a sustained and high-speed development trend. As a very important part of urban infrastructure construction, the urban lighting industry has also developed by leaps and bounds. The quality of urban lighting system has a direct impact on the quality of urban human settlements, but also related to the management level of urban public services

for urban street lighting, citizens' needs are the tortuous trial rate of lighting and the sense of lighting experience, while operators pay more attention to energy-saving and efficient operation. Therefore, it is necessary to not only ensure the normal lighting demand, but also achieve reasonable power saving, high efficiency and intelligence

as the main body of urban lighting, the number of urban street lamps in China is increasing sharply. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the number of street lamps for urban road lighting in China has soared from more than 10 million to nearly 22 million in a short decade from 2008 to 2017, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 9 percentage points. The large number and wide distribution area bring huge burden to the equipment installation, maintenance and daily rubber tensile testing machine, which can be used to do the inspection and management of experiments

in addition, the monitoring of the operation of light control equipment is not in place, and the damaged street lamps cannot be replaced in time, resulting in frequent safety accidents; The daily operation and maintenance work cannot be monitored, recorded and counted centrally, and the effect of quantitative management cannot be achieved; The lighting system is not intelligent enough to intelligently adjust the brightness according to the environment, resulting in excessive lighting or inadequate lighting, which wastes a lot of energy. With the huge investment of human, material and financial resources, the traditional light control system is facing a situation of high cost, low efficiency, waste of resources and poor experience

with the acceleration of modern urban construction and the continuous promotion of the concept of smart city, urban lighting, as the role of displaying the image of the city and the characteristics of its rigid demand, has been paid more and more attention. A series of problems, such as large equipment base, wide distribution of regional zigzag reinforcement, high construction cost, difficult maintenance and low management efficiency, have led to the traditional street lamp control system gradually unable to meet the lighting requirements of modern cities; How to realize intelligent street lighting through cloud operation has become an important development direction of urban lighting system

Laura IOT intelligent street lamp, leading the new trend of urban intelligent lighting

in addition to the technical intelligent transformation of street lamp light source, Laura IOT intelligent lamp control system should also carry out remote monitoring, control and obstacle removal molding characteristics for the operation of street lamps. At the same time, the intelligent lamp control system can also realize the independent on-demand switching, dimming and monitoring of each street lamp. In terms of reducing excessive lighting, the system can achieve a power saving rate of 30% - 60%, truly achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, effectively save operation and maintenance costs, and improve the management efficiency of urban road lighting, so as to comprehensively realize the development trend of urban intelligence and refined management

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