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one month after the provincial mobilization meeting for "structural transformation and upgrading promotion" (hereinafter referred to as "structural transformation and upgrading promotion"), the "Anhui academic seminar on structural transformation and upgrading promotion" hosted by the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences and hosted by the Provincial Institute of industrial economics was held in Bengbu on the 24th. Many experts in the theoretical circle of Social Sciences and enterprise representatives have offered suggestions on how to "adjust the structure, transform the mode and promote the upgrading" in our province. Now Stora Enso has saved more than half of the raw materials needed to make a milk box compared with the 1970s

as a well-known regional economic research expert, Cheng Bing, counselor of the provincial government and former Secretary of the Provincial Federation of Social Sciences, believes that the "transfer promotion" of our province must be carried out in combination with the trend of nationalization, and it is impossible to self adjust, transform and upgrade behind closed doors. "We should not only follow the top-level design, but also ignore the bottom-level exploration." Cheng must suggest that our province should boldly "try first" and use reform to resolve the obstacles of "transfer and promotion"; On the other hand, from the perspective of openness, he suggested: we should introduce more medium and high-end production factors and improve the overall level of the industry, rather than attracting investment arbitrarily; In "going out", some excellent products and excess productivity of our province should enter the international market in time

the theme of "transfer promotion" is an indisputable fact in enterprises. In Bengbu, the glass design institute is now looking at 2. The joint strength experiment is a perfect example of enterprise self-help transformation and upgrading. Zhao Fei, chief economist of the Institute, said that in the past, the main function of the company was to provide design services for glass enterprises with production and manufacturing. With the industrial upgrading, the added value of the original business is too low, and transformation and upgrading are inevitable. According to Zhao Fei, at present, the company has the ability to produce ultra-thin float electronic glass. "This glass touch screen can be used in smart, iPad, notebook computers and other electronic products." In addition, in the solar charging pile, the glass design institute will also provide the main high-efficiency solar panels

through the selective use of carbon fiber composites

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