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Smart poles, a new smart node of smart cities, have gradually become an indispensable part of urban construction as they shuttle through rural areas, fields, roads and streets, from wooden poles to concrete poles and electric towers

relevant data show that China has about 41636 townships, and the total number of telegraph poles in a single town is about 3000, that is, the total number of telegraph poles in China exceeds 100 million. The number of power poles is huge. If they are fully utilized, can they bring more impetus to the construction of smart cities

fortunately, thanks to the promotion of 5g, artificial intelligence and IOT technology, electric poles at this stage are also constantly moving in the direction of intelligence, becoming one of the driving forces of smart cities

with the development of IOT sensor technology, poles have gradually entered a new era of intelligence

as we all know, as a detection device, the sensor has multiple characteristics, such as miniaturization, intellectualization, systematization and so on. It can feel the information of the measured object and convert the information into electrical signals or other forms of information for output. Based on the above characteristics, the first step of automatic detection and automatic control is realized when the brand popularity of the pole equipped with sensors is further expanded

with the blessing of smart sensors, on the basis of power transmission, the traditional power circuit has gradually become an energy interconnection network, and the telegraph pole has also begun to become a transmission platform for urban data. For example, after installing intelligent sensors on electric poles, South Korea is collecting data in real time through these sensors, and based on these data, it can predict the electricity consumption of local consumers in a specific period through the power network, and then send energy-saving SMS to users in stages, so as to achieve the effect of energy conservation and promote the construction of green cities

however, the data collected by the sensor is not only power data, but also vibration data, environmental big data, etc. Taking vibration data and environmental big data as examples, once an earthquake occurs, the sensor will collect and transmit data such as the inclination or vibration of the pole in real time to help deal with the earthquake and post disaster reconstruction; The sensor collects and analyzes the air quality information at a height of 10 meters above the ground and transmits it to the environmental protection department in real time to help cope with environmental improvement

with the increasing demand for urban construction and data, more scenes will be excavated from the telegraph poles

if the emergence of IOT sensor technology will lead the pole to intelligence, the development of artificial intelligence and 5g technology will gradually make the pole intelligent

judging from the current market trend, in view of the "one pole multi-purpose" feature, smart streetlights have become a trend in smart cities. This "multi-purpose" feature may also be applicable to electric poles. After all, a large number of people believe that smart poles must be an important direction for the future development of poles, and the first step is to "become smart street lights" to achieve the effect of energy saving

this "one pole multi-purpose" means that smart poles, like smart street lamps, will integrate multiple functions on one pole, including active fault alarm, environmental awareness, city broadcasting, charging pile, lamp cable theft prevention, remote meter reading and other functions. In addition, the smart poles in the future will also be equipped with security cameras, which will collect and transmit urban monitoring information in real time, so as to carry out multidimensional and non dead corner security monitoring of the city. With the advent of smart cameras in the future, these cameras will also do intelligent analysis in the front end, and smart poles will also become the key facilities for urban active defense

as an important infrastructure for hy- (we) 100060 hydraulic universal experimental electromechanical and communication produced by urban and rural power supply and balance wing company, the electric pole itself builds power and communication. With the development of 5g technology, intelligent electric poles may have more benefits than smart street lamps. In addition, the average service life of electric poles is as high as 30 years, and in terms of quantity, the number of electric poles is far more than the number of street lamps. We can tentatively believe that if smart electric poles develop, their market is obviously much larger than that of smart street lamps

however, the construction of smart poles at this stage is more often associated with smart electricity

electricity is the general term of the whole composed of substations and transmission and distribution lines of various voltages in the power system, including the three special committees of substation, transmission and distribution, which also maintain a good communication unit with relevant industry organizations at home and abroad. As the infrastructure of power transmission and communication transmission, utility poles must be part of electricity

although the current development of smart electricity in the world is still in its infancy, at present, its technology can be roughly divided into four areas: advanced measurement system, advanced distribution operation, advanced transmission operation and advanced asset management. Among them, the main role of advanced transmission operation is to emphasize congestion management and reduce the risk of large-scale outages, which is also the most closely connected link with the pole. In the future, with the emergence and wide application of smart poles, poles will also play a role in the field of advanced asset management of smart electricity. By installing a large number of advanced sensors that can collect transmission system parameters and equipment "health" status, the collected real-time information will be integrated with resource management, simulation and simulation and other processes to improve the operation and efficiency of electricity

the construction of smart poles has a broad prospect, but the current construction situation can only be summarized as "a few have reduced a lot of processing and post-processing procedures". This may be related to the current environment. Smart street lamps and smart electricity are still in the initial stage of construction, let alone "imitating" smart poles of smart street lamps

but it is undeniable that although there are few players, the telegraph poles will gradually complete the intelligent transformation with the popularity of intelligent cities, and become an important intelligent node of smart cities

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