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Lu, January 30 - on the morning of January 28, the delegation of Gangcheng District reviewed the government work report made by Mayor sun Shutao at the first session of the 17th Jinan Municipal People's Congress. Wu Shuhua, a deputy to the Jinan Municipal People's Congress and Secretary of the Gangcheng district Party committee, introduced that in 2019, Gangcheng District proposed the main line of "comprehensive integration, equal height docking, and leapfrog development", which will aim at the development layout of Jinan's top ten 100 billion industries, adhere to the strong alliance and advantage integration, vigorously undertake industrial transfer, plan a number of major industrial projects with high quality, actively build a modern industrial system in line with the endowment of the provincial capital, and create an innovative highland for the development of the provincial capital, Build the south wing growth pole of Jinan's new and old kinetic energy conversion pilot area

Wu Shuhua, Secretary of Gangcheng district Party committee

based on the reality of Gangcheng, build "five highlands"

"in 2019, we will take 'full integration, contour docking, and leapfrog development' as the main line of work, comprehensively benchmark the '1+474' work system, seriously implement a series of decisions and arrangements of the municipal Party committee and government, and focus on building 'five highlands' based on the reality of Gangcheng." Wu Shuhua said that among them, it includes the undertaking supporting highland of "smart Jinan"; Highlight the direction of high-quality products, high-end products and clusters, and create a highland of high-quality steel production and processing in central Shandong; Accelerate the development of green building materials industries such as steel structure prefabricated buildings and concrete prefabricated parts, and create an industrialized highland of prefabricated buildings that integrates R & D and design, production and manufacturing, warehousing and logistics; Benchmarking the construction of the city's science and technology innovation center to create a new material highland with national influence; Create a highland for the production and processing of characteristic agricultural products

in addition, we should also achieve "six focuses", including focusing on the total amount of industrial cultivation and increase, focusing on "double recruitment and double introduction" rotating energy, focusing on the vitality of urban construction, focusing on ecological environmental protection and beautiful environment, focusing on people's livelihood security and promoting stability, and focusing on Party building to lead a new situation

build a highland of high-quality steel production and processing in central Shandong

the steel urban area will improve the urban planning with high standards and high positioning. Adhere to the world vision, international standards and provincial capital characteristics, plan scientifically and systematically from the overall height, consider the overall situation, and reasonably position the urban function. Employ domestic first-class design units to prepare plans for the south wing of the pilot area for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and the area of Jilai high-speed railway steel city station, so as to lead the urban development with high standards

"the production base of high-quality steel is the strategic positioning given to the steel city by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, and it is also the high expectation placed on the steel city by the zoning adjustment." Wu Shuhua said that the steel city will expand and strengthen the "100 billion" high-quality steel production base as the core of the industrial cluster development project

it is learned that this year, Gangcheng district will accelerate the construction of key projects for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy of Laiwu Steel with a total investment of 15billion yuan, implement a number of projects such as the upgrading of high-end medium rolling and coking systems of special steel, optimize production processes and product structures, promote the upgrading of steel production equipment, technology and environmental protection, and create a highland for the production and processing of high-quality steel in central Shandong. By 2022, the system will be on-site demonstrated and labeled PLA fast food boxes, and the additional revenue of the main business of the fine steel industry will exceed C. double statements: 100 billion yuan of fully open user statements

build a number of well-known agricultural brands

at the same time, the steel city will transform and improve the two traditional industries of steel intensive processing and modern efficient agriculture. The iron and steel intensive processing industry, supported by Laiwu Iron and steel special steel, wide and heavy plate, H-beam and other products, aims at terminal products, implements the plan of "intelligent steel city that can make the service life of experimental machines longer", actively integrates into "intelligent Jinan", promotes the replacement of machines, builds a number of "intelligent workshops" and "intelligent factories", and vigorously improves the market competitiveness and added value of iron and steel products, Build a nationally renowned steel intensive processing industry cluster. By 2022, the main business income of the steel intensive processing industry will exceed 10billion yuan

modern and efficient agriculture, with building famous brands as the direction, Haokun fruit industry, Wenshi animal husbandry, laihei animal husbandry as the leader, and agricultural cooperatives as the guide, gives full play to the unique resource advantages of "three black", honey peach, qinju and so on, vigorously introduces and cultivates deep-processing enterprises, focuses on promoting Haokun food processing and cold chain logistics projects, Qishan Lotus Pond Moonlight and other pastoral complex projects, and starts the construction of Wenshi headquarters and feed plant projects, Plan to reserve delis meat processing, jinmotang biotechnology, Shandong geology and mineral qinju town and other projects. By 2022, the main business income of modern and efficient agriculture will exceed 3billion yuan. (according to Shandong business daily)

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