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Taihu new town smart streetlights: rechargeable

streetlights standing on urban roads will not only be limited to lighting functions, but also bring more convenience to citizens' travel and life. In the evening of April 25, 20 sets of brand-new "smart street lamps" were officially "on duty" on Qingshu road in Taihu new town. They not only have lighting functions, but also provide convenience services such as charging new energy vehicles, issuing weather forecasts, and free wifi. This is a new rigid black plastic material for projet MJP 5600. In the future, "smart streetlights" will be gradually promoted in Xicheng tourist attractions and densely populated areas. A group of international researchers from Queen's University have jointly developed a new material area

at the Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center on Qingshu Road, we saw that 12 sets of double armed "smart street lamps" with a "height" of 10 meters and wearing a milky white "coat" and 8 sets of single armed "smart street lamps" wearing a gray "coat" have begun to work after debugging by technicians. Compared with ordinary street lights, their light poles are slightly thicker, and many new equipment have been added to the bottom and superstructure. The most obvious is that two LED outdoor displays are installed on the street light poles, which can release the surrounding traffic conditions, public welfare activities and other information in real time. In addition, new energy vehicle charging piles should be added at the position where the "smart street lamp" pole is about 1.2 meters above the ground according to the specific situation

according to the relevant person in charge of Wuxi Lighting Co., Ltd., the "smart street lamp" is more "smart" and energy-saving in lighting than ordinary street lamps. The company (4) the products processed after molding are easy to remove residual stress. The self-developed centralized monitoring method can automatically turn on and off the lamp and adjust the brightness according to the ambient light, human flow and vehicle flow, so as to improve the real-time performance of street lamp control. For example, in the evening when the flow of people and vehicles is the highest, the street lights will turn on 100% illumination; In the middle of the night when there are few cars and few people, the "smart street lamp" will automatically reduce the power, which can not only ensure the lighting demand, but also avoid the waste of electric energy. At the same time, "smart street lamp" can control the switch of any street lamp in the whole area at any time according to the needs of season, climate and special holidays, improve the consistency of lighting, and avoid the waste of electric energy caused by inaccurate or out of control clock controller, so as to achieve timely and appropriate lighting

Mr. Tao, who lives in shuixiangyuan and drives a new energy vehicle, parks his car next to the "smart street lamp", scans the QR code of the charging pile and installs the relevant app, then connects the charging head to charge the car (as shown in the figure), and the charging fee is calculated according to the charging time, electricity, etc., which can be paid. In addition, if there is no electricity, the "smart street lamp" pole is also equipped with a USB charging interface, which can charge the emergency for free

under the "smart streetlight", you can also search the "municipal public new energy" WiFi signal. As long as you pass the attention and certification, you can get it free, and it is very fast. At the same time, a 10 inch pad screen is also installed on the side of the street lamp pole facing the sidewalk. People can query the weather forecast and learn about the surrounding road traffic, commerce, catering and other information by tapping the screen

it is understood that with the construction and development of "smart city", the "smart streetlights" have been "on duty" in Hefeng road and Qingshu road. In the future, the coverage will be gradually expanded according to the actual operation, so as to make citizens' lives more convenient and safe

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