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Smart tires have pushed the future development of concept products into the fast lane

from July 1, four industry standards for RFID electronic labels for tires have been officially implemented. In the standard, the functional performance, implantation method and coding method of RFID electronic tags are standardized to ensure the safety of tires after implantation of tags

with the unification of these four standards, the promotion of technology in the industry will be accelerated, and more and more tire products equipped with RFID electronic tags will appear, promoting the rapid development of the domestic intelligent tire industry. For rubber tires, after years of process and technology development, it will usher in the road of intelligence, or there will be more room for development in the future

when it comes to tires, we have to mention cars. For the associated relationship between the two, there has been an interdependent relationship from the beginning. As tire brands gradually enter the era of intelligence, for car enterprises, it will provide more choices for their automotive products and provide more security for consumers

implementation of standards, accelerating the development of smart tires

RFID electronic tags for tires have been officially approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology since 2014, approved on January 15 this year, and officially implemented on July 1. It has taken more than two years. Among these four industry standards, the application of RFID technology in tires will be standardized from different aspects to ensure its rapid and large-scale popularization in tire products

adding RFID tags to tire products, in addition to being able to trace the tire production process and quality, due to the characteristics of RFID tags that can transmit data, it will be able to undertake the real-time data transmission of tires in the future, and become the data transmission foundation of intelligent tires in the era of car service

rfid electronic tags are almost negligible in volume compared with tire products, so they will not have any impact on use after installation. With the better data transmission solution of RFID electronic tag and the advantage of body shape, the smart tire has solved the problem of reaching the American ASTM E (8) 41 standard on the technical side, which has also laid a solid foundation for the future smart tire. With the maturity of future sensors and solutions, the smart tire can also quickly solve the function of monitoring and adjustment

relevant people of Guanzhi automobile said in the interview that the unification of standards will accelerate the promotion of RFID technology in the tire industry, promote the rapid development of the domestic smart tire industry, and also promote the popularization of smart tires. RFID technology has been applied to some racing tires and heavy truck tires, and achieved good results. With the popularization of RFID technology and the continuous reduction of cost, RFID technology will be gradually applied to car tires

Lubrizol also released a new non softening thermoplastic elastomer To ensure safety, smart tires have a bright future

compared with traditional tire products, users can only measure the tire pressure of tires through tire pressure monitoring equipment after the car stops, but it will become very troublesome when running long distances. For a moving car, the tire is a very important part for safety. As it is the part in direct contact with the road, once a tire burst or other accidents occur, it will cause irreparable accidents when the speed is too fast

The reason for this: the oxide skin or iron pin on the test piece fell into the drag surface between the axle rod wood card and the bearing beam, resulting in seizure or increased friction resistance.

for smart tires, relevant people from Hantai tire Central Research Institute said in an interview that Hantai had begun to develop smart tires to improve the future driving experience five years ago, and now there are concept tire products, but they have not been mass produced for the time being. It can be seen that for tire enterprises, smart tires that can improve the driving experience have long been in the layout of research and development, and the corresponding products will be launched at the right time

for car enterprises, smart tires will be the development direction in the future. Guanzhi automobile related people are accepting R03; The interview said that smart tire is the development direction of the tire industry, which requires the efforts of the whole industry to gradually realize. Guanzhi automobile will also make its own contribution in this development process, and put the appropriate products on the right time when the new technology represented by the new generation of information technology has an impact on the traditional industry. Another car company, a person from Volvo's R & D department, told that at present, the smart tire is still in the internal review stage, and it is not convenient to disclose it to the outside world for the time being. It can be seen that car companies are also paying attention to the development of this new technology, and may replace the existing tire products as a standard configuration at a suitable time in the future

as early as November 2014, 37 public transport vehicles of Chengyang bus company of Qingdao public transport group have used smart tires, which can automatically record the vehicle's driving mileage, whether there is lack of air, and the degree of wear and tear through embedded chips in the tires. Just like the gradual development of technology, the existing prototype of smart tires, when widely used, also provides great convenience for the popularization of smart tires in the future. Whether for users, tire enterprises or car enterprises, the emergence of smart tires will have more far-reaching significance

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