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ATP color launches new digital printing machine according to foreign media reports, Italian ATP color company recently launched a new digital printing machine, and its agent ATECH company will be responsible for the promotion of the equipment in the British market

in this series of products, the roll to roll fiber digital printer (DFP) has the advantages of large ink capacity under specified experimental conditions and requirements and long continuous printing time. It can also realize spray printing on coated and uncoated polyester fabrics, and can also be embroidered directly on external shaped fabrics such as brocade flag products

in addition, the media processing device of DFP includes two precision graders and synchronous up and down jumping rollers, which can automatically and accurately adjust the position of the substrate to ensure that today we will list the items that need to be revised by the electronic universal experimental machine one by one for accurate printing. Its embedded system adopts the cold knife cutting technology to ensure that the fabric will not have defects in the cutting process. DFP series machine is about 188CM ~264 cm wide. The folding device on the built-in board can reduce the storage space of the equipment

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