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Atlas Copco funded Malawi water resources project

Atlas Copco funded Malawi water resources project

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Stockholm, Sweden, August 27th, 2015: Atlas Copco, a leading supplier of sustainable productivity solutions, will play an important role in the project of providing clean water for rural areas in Malawi through the "shared water" project organization spontaneously established by its employees and the Peter Wallenberg "shared water" project fund

since october2015, the "shared water resources" project will fund the installation of infrastructure and equipment to promote the construction of clean water and sanitation facilities in more than 12 villages and communities in the southeast of Malawi. The project will benefit about 28000 local residents. The project, carried out in cooperation with the non-profit organization ADRA, is expected to be completed by october2018. The project is funded by the donation raised by Peter Wallenberg's "shared water resources" fund, and Atlas Copco is one of the larger donors in this project

"Atlas kopko is delighted that the large amount of money donated to Peter Wallenberg's' shared water resources' project will be transformed into welfare that will truly change the lives of thousands of Malawian residents." Said Ronnie leten, President and CEO of Atlas Copco

before Malawi project was selected as the "shared water resources" project, it has achieved good results in the region. When Peter Wallenberg Sr. worked for Atlas Copco in Africa, Malawi was also an active region

"shared water resources" project is Atlas Copco's main community spontaneous participation project. It is managed by employees. The task of the organization is to provide clean drinking water for people who are short of water for a long time. Through voluntary contributions and driven by ATRA or the skopko group, which manufactures recoverable and reusable rockets, the non-profit organization has so far provided clean drinking water to more than 1.5 million people

"shared water" has representative offices in more than 40 countries and funds projects around the world. The project was founded in Sweden 31 years ago by Atlas Copco employees on August 22, 1984

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