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If you want to decorate a small house well, design is very important. If the wooden floor is reused well, the whole visual effect and functional experience will be instantly improved. Today, Gao Xiaobian will show you two cases

if you want to decorate a small house well, design is very important. If the wooden floor is reused well, the whole visual effect and functional experience will be improved instantly. Today, Gao Xiaobian will show you two cases

case 1

this Moscow apartment has an area of 40.57 square meters

it is designed for young people

it is mainly decorated in a simple style

generally, small houses will choose light colored floors

it will make the whole space look larger than it really is

but this apartment boldly chooses dark floors

light colored floors are inserted in different functional areas

the whole space has become more interesting

super large windows in the room

. is space Bring enough daylighting

kitchen, dining room The living room is in the same area

the color of the whole space changes from light to dark from top to bottom

making the pattern more stable

the restaurant uses long circular fashion chandeliers as lighting

a wooden cabinet is also designed next to it

for storing more items

steel framed dining table with black table legs

matches with modern style chairs to accommodate four people sitting together

when many people can move the dining table to the side of the sofa

make the sofa become a card seat.For many people Dining

partition selects glass with strong permeability

more sufficient light

at the same time, it weakens the massiness of the dark floor

study chooses light color floor

stronger sense of area

bedroom opposite the dining table

uses laminated wood floor with special size in yellow tone as space separation

divides the scope of the bedroom with four columns

a round black steel is hung on the rough cement ceiling

frame light

Use with spotlights to make the bedroom more emotional

the yellow bedroom floor

also hides the light band design

the gray brick wall is very distinctive

choose large black and white oil paintings as decoration

make the atmosphere of the bedroom easier

rough tiles are paved in the bathroom to prevent slipping

black sanitary ware is matched with light pink tiles

adding light rendering is more fashionable

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case 2

the apartment has an area of 47 ㎡

the fresh design is consistent with the uniform light colored wood floor

tone of the whole house, Warm upgrade

the small space on the left of the entrance to the porch is designed with a group of wardrobes

the concise cloakroom uses a curtain as the cabinet door

the portable shoe changing stool is placed beside the wall

saves a lot of space

combines the aisle with the kitchen area

white small square bricks with gray moisture proof emulsion paint

uses light to help create hierarchy and warmth

then adds the washing machine to expand the functional area

the living room is transparent and bright as a whole

TV The wall continues the gray background and echoes the background of the guest restaurant card seat

the overhead wood color TV cabinet is light and convenient

the decorative painting is used to separate the three chandeliers and the porch

a trapezoidal clothes hanger

it can be used as decoration and is also very practical

the integrated layout of the guest restaurant

gives people a sense of spacious space

the gray background wall with the log card seat

connects the seat on the side of the living room and the restaurant

the dining room is close to the window and has the function of collecting.Light and good Good vision

wooden dining table with Eames chair

background wall covers the air conditioning access with customized hole plates

beautiful and practical

wooden tatami bed is connected with the card seat

grey wall, decorative paintings and green curtain

decorate a warm space

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