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How to choose a faucet? Consumers all know to choose water-saving ones, but they may not know how to choose them

how to choose faucets? Consumers all know to choose water-saving ones, but they may not know how to choose them. In this regard, some experts said that we should pay attention to the inspection report of the faucet

in this regard, some experts said that the faucet flow is the basic technical index of water saving requirements. When consumers choose water-saving faucets, they must check their test reports and buy showers with filter screens and filters. In addition, large showers generally cost more water than small showers and shower heads

the surface should be dark and bright

it is understood that in this test, nearly one third of the faucets have poor corrosion resistance

experts said that special attention should be paid to its corrosion resistance when purchasing. It is understood that in the production process of many faucets, the substrate surface has not been treated before electroplating, and the impurities left inside have a great impact on the service life of the faucet; In addition, in order to reduce costs and shorten the electroplating time, some faucet manufacturers have reduced the thickness of the coating

in this regard, some experts remind consumers that under the condition of sufficient light, the surface of the faucet should be as bright as a mirror, without any oxidation spots and burning traces; In addition, the faucet should also have no pores, blisters, missing plating, and uniform color; Touch with hands without burrs and sand particles; It is used to press the surface of the faucet once, and the fingerprint should spread quickly, and it is not easy to adhere to scale

the connecting nut should be made of copper

some consumers may have encountered this situation. There is no problem with the appearance of the shower. It was found that the connecting nut is easy to break during installation. In this regard, consumers must pay attention to observe the wall thickness of the connecting nut

experts said that the quality of shower connecting nuts is very prominent in the process of home decoration. Connecting nuts that do not meet national standards are easy to break, and the responsibility is difficult to define

it is reported that the main reason why the connecting nut of shower faucet fails to meet the national standard is that the wall thickness of the connecting nut is not enough or it is replaced by non copper materials. Therefore, consumers must choose copper nuts. In addition, consumers should also choose more copper shower accessories instead of buying vulnerable plastic accessories for a moment





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