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With the emergence of the Internet + wave, leyijia, which keeps up with the times, can't develop a new brand strategy, repositioning light smart whole house customization, and making a detailed plan for the transformation

with the emergence of the Internet + wave, how traditional home manufacturing enterprises should explore transformation has become a topic of concern in the industry in 2015. Leyicha, which keeps up with the times, can't develop a new brand strategy. It repositions light intelligent whole house customization and makes a detailed plan for transformation

the brand is young, positioning smart and personalized

the young people after the 1980s have become the main consumers of home building materials. At the same time, combined with the judgment of future consumption trends, the core value of leyijia brand is light intelligent whole house customization. With regard to the new brand positioning, Xu Kai, the brand director of leyijia, said: "Whole house customization is the hot spot in the customized home furnishing industry at present, and it is also the direction of leyijia. The so-called light intelligence, in terms of products, has tried to integrate home furnishing products with the Internet. We integrate intelligent hardware with home furnishing products, rather than simply adding, to enhance consumers' sense of experience, solve consumers' pain points, and let them get a real and pleasant experience in life, which is exactly what consumers need. ”

the positioning strategy of leyicha light intelligence is a complete set of intelligent system, which is supported from the whole process of production manufacturing service, including intelligent products that can be connected with mobile devices, intelligent design software that can complete the whole house design in 12 minutes, self built o2o mall, intelligent service of instant order inquiry, the world's first intelligent microwave formaldehyde reduction technology, and leyicha's intelligent order processing system, It can realize the connection with production equipment

the first show of new products of the whole house "every customized product"

in addition to the brand-new strategy, Le Yicha also launched the latest customized products of the whole house, which are six series in total. Xu Kai said, "the six series of new products are the presentation of six lifestyles. Each one is not only customized for space, but also customized for people. The personality and circle needed by young consumer groups can be found in the products." Taking geek series as an example, fashionable iron parts are combined with natural wood grain, and more storage shapes are embedded to meet the needs of digital control. The literary and artistic style series is nude pink, which meets the aspirations of many young girls for the dream princess room. There are also four series: Zong, Locke, Wen, Lian and so on

in the fast-paced era of continuous renewal, only by paying close attention to the development of the times and keeping up with the pace of the times, can leyicha wardrobe be in a standing position. Leyicha wardrobe knows this well and actively rectifies under the boom of Internet +, so that the whole leyicha brand can start a new start and open the era of light intelligent whole house customization





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