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The integral kitchen is popular in domestic decoration in recent years. The whole kitchen has many advantages, such as beautiful appearance, reasonable space, convenient use, etc. If the early design is in place and the configuration is selected correctly, the overall kitchen will also have an advantage that housewives like most, that is, there is no

● be sure to select the main materials in advance

"if you always feel it is difficult to clean after the cabinet decoration, it must be a lack of consideration in the design process, which is not in place!" Therefore, when choosing cabinets, basins, electrical appliances and other supporting products, you must not only look at the appearance. Some product designs can make you worry less in your work, but if you choose the wrong supporting equipment, the kitchen will cause you a lot of trouble. Cabinet, countertop and floor tiles, which occupy the largest area in the overall kitchen, should be the first consideration when choosing materials to facilitate cleaning

the simplest way is to fully communicate with the designer of the overall cabinet business in advance. Nowadays, the vast majority of brand cabinets can provide free door-to-door design services for the overall kitchen, so there is no need to worry about this work. Never buy cabinets and appliances when the decoration is about to end. That will not only lead to unreasonable combination, but also inadvertently increase the decoration budget

the commonly used box materials of the cabinet body include solid wood, metal, paint baking board, Aijia board, etc. Among them, the fully enclosed paint baking box adopts the non sealing design, with good moisture-proof performance

common countertops include artificial stone, quartz stone and marble. The biggest advantage of artificial stone is that it is a seamless installation integrated with bonding and grinding, which is not easy to scratch, not easy to penetrate, and has various colors. It is the preferred material for the table. Table design should reduce complex modeling. Non slip ceramic tiles or dark stones on the ground are the most ideal kitchen flooring materials. It can resist dyeing, acid and alkali, and the corrosion of cream, grease, tea, coffee and all kinds of food. It is not easy to leave stains

● detailed design removes sanitary dead corners

convenient cleaning without leaving sanitary dead corners? If you think in reverse, it shows that the corners of the kitchen are always difficult to clean

when decorating the kitchen, you can easily remove sanitary dead corners by simply designing the details skillfully

there are many pipes in the kitchen. Try to avoid them when installing cabinets to maintain the integrity of cabinets. In this way, the sanitary dead corner is reduced and the space is clear at a glance

finger design finger design is a very practical design. This kind of design is to add an arc design at each right angle corner of cabinets, lockers, etc., so that the right angle becomes an arc, which is not only beautiful, but also convenient for cleaning to a great extent. The inner corner of the drawer is designed into an arc, which is easy to clean

water basin water basin is a kitchen product with high frequency of use. The design of the basin under the table makes the edge of the basin lower than the table top, which prevents the overflow of water, helps the table top clean, and solves the problem that the edge seam is difficult to clean

● small appliances make the work get twice the result with half the effort

the cabinet designer suggests that the matching of kitchen appliances seems to be a small case, but it is actually a very important work in the overall kitchen design. In addition to the commonly used basic household appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, etc., we should also add some advanced kitchen appliances. These seemingly insignificant small links make the kitchen cleaning work get twice the result with half the effort, otherwise, oil, water stains The dust will protest against you collectively

garbage disposal has been very popular abroad, which can be installed under the sink and connected to the drain pipe. By pressing the button, it only takes a few seconds for the processor to grind the food waste into fine particles and enter the sewage system to avoid peculiar smell




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