Warmly congratulate president Luo of Guizhou Guiya

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The plan of a year is in spring, and the plan of a day is in the morning. A start of anything can make the future work all right. For Mr. Luo to join yunzhicai doors and windows, it can be said to be the top priority

general manager Luo took a group photo after signing the contract with senior manager

general manager Luo has been engaged in the building materials processing industry for 13 years. He has been processing medium and low-grade aluminum doors and windows. He found that there is still a certain gap between Foshan brand and Foshan brand in technology and materials, the rising raw materials and labor costs have led to meager profits. President Luo has set his sights on the customization of high-end doors and windows. Local consumers have higher and higher demands and expectations for high-end door and window products

in the next few years, the market demand for doors and windows will gradually converge to the high-end, and the sales volume and growth rate of high-end door and window products will also develop steadily. Sales first and then customized production. At the initial stage of project operation, only store decoration and samples need to be invested, without inventory, and the capital turnover is short and fast. The return on investment of customized doors and windows industry is as high as 40%~50%, and the profit space of other mature categories is larger than that of other furniture and building materials industries

judging from the overall layout of the store, the overall atmosphere brings a sense of celebration, which is enough to show that it is indeed in line with what yunzhicai doors and windows headquarters said. With its R & D design and unique style, it can meet all kinds of decoration needs, and I believe it will satisfy all new and old customers. No. 3, floor 1, zone a, Zhejiang mall, Nanming District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province hotline: 4000007262




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