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Having relocated to this wonderful island of Mallorca over sixteen years ago, I can honestly say I have never known recent weather quite like it. Even the locals are bewildered. So much rain24,300 deaths).! We honestly started pondering on the possibility of building an Ark! And where is it all coming from? I certainly know where it’s going!

Our garden, along with the entire island has never looked greener, but the dreary dampness and grey overtones above are not what we have become used to on this sunny isle.

Graciously blessed with an almost guaranteed annual average of over 300 days of sunshine, we are accustomed to the appearance of seasonal rain at this time of the year. In fact it’s generally more than welcome as the reservoirs desperately need a top up after those arid summer months following a ‘scorchio’ seasonand review and advise on all appropriate public health measures and infection prevention and control measures,. But this recent meteorological madness has been record breakingEssential retailers!

As daily temperatures have seriously waned, with the darker nights starting to really draw in, a sense of cosiness has blanketed the family home, and you can’t help random thoughts turning towards Christmas. In a desperate need to brighten lives with a twinkling twist of tinsel, people have been throwing up their trees a little earlier this year, desperate for that ‘feel good’ vibe which sprinkles magic over the more depressing aspects of current life, sadly still marred by the masked veil of Covid and its vitriolic variants.

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