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Your weekend culinary delights: Ensaladilla Rusa - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

One of the most popular dishes in any typical Spanish tapas bar is a Russian salad, known here as “Ensaladilla Rusa” or more simply as just plain old “Ensaladilla”Police have acknowledged that auto theft is related to organized crime an!

It’s a common dish prepared all over the country and every traditional Spanish cookbook has an ensaladilla recipe in it somewhereThe focus should be o. I’m a huge fan of ensaladilla and it became one of my favourite Pinxos some years ago when I lived in San Sebastian, where it was often topped with a fresh, tender langoustine and served with crunchy little breadsticks called picosBelarusFebruary 2021 – AFP.

Quite why it’s called a Russian salad I have no idea. It obviously has its roots somewhere in Russia or in Moscow to be more exact. Apparently it was a Belgian chef called Lucien Olivier who invented the original, classy version of a potato salad, while working in the exclusive Hermitage Restaurant where it was known as salad Olivier.

Unfortunately, the secretive Olivier took the original recipe to his grave, but food historians think that it was probably topped with expensive ingredients such as venison and caviar. Spain’s classic dish doesn’t much resemble Olivier’s wealthy man’s version and a typical ensaladilla rusa recipe includes more humble ingredients such as potatoes, peas, and carrots with the addition of tuna, olives and hard-boiled eggs.

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