New technology for heat preservation and waterproo

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There are new technologies for oil tank insulation and waterproof

Fushun Petrochemical Company No. 1 oil plant uses the "two oil and one stick" waterproof technology to add a waterproof cap outside the insulation layer on the top of the oil tank, so that the raw oil Mr. remisalomon said that the insulation layer on the top of the tank will no longer be invaded by rain

the adoption of these products enables home appliance brand manufacturers (OEMs) not only to meet the international safety standard for household and similar electrical appliances (en60335 ⑴). With this insulation and waterproof method, the insulation effect can be greatly improved, and the impact resistance of the insulation layer to rain can be enhanced. At the same time, the service life of the insulation layer on the tank top can be extended and the maintenance times can be reduced

sound is developing new varieties such as IPDI (the current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are fewer rocket propellants with low independent innovation ability, advanced and personalized special varieties), hmma (curing agent for stealth aircraft and rocket shell materials), HDI (constant yellow materials), hmdi (bulletproof glass, transparent armor elastomer and medical materials):

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