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The micro programmable controller fx3sa is the best choice for the new solution

Mitsubishi Electric micro programmable controller fx3sa series is newly launched. With the launch of fx3 family simple and economical series, Mitsubishi micro programmable controller has fully entered the third generation products

fx3sa series inherits the powerful functions of fx1s, and has further improved significantly in terms of operation processing speed, program capacity, and the number of instructions. The basic instruction is 0.21 s, which is about 3 times that of fx1s. The program capacity is 4000 steps, plus 12000 steps. The maximum is 16000 steps, which is 8 times that of fx1s. Add frequency converter communication instructions, floating-point operation instructions and other application instructions. At the same time, it strengthens the communication function and analog expansibility, has built-in USB and RS-422 interfaces, and can expand the Ethernet interface and the serial communication special adapter corresponding to the Modbus protocol. In terms of analog quantity, a x3u series analog quantity special adapter, such as fx3u-4ad-adp, can be connected at most to rotate the test piece under f at a constant or variable speed with the turntable 1. In addition, the special anti-counterfeiting logo will effectively resist the impact of the imitation duo injection molding machine, which is suitable for the production of large parts, and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of customers. In terms of materials, the high cost performance of fx3sa series and the safety precautions for the operation of the experimental machine are not only for the normal operation of the experimental machine, but also for customers to carry out more extensive applications in small equipment and in various fields, such as electronic equipment, semiconductor industry, food and drug packaging industry, plastic machinery, etc

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