New starting point, new dream and new brilliance o

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Xingbang heavy industry: new starting point, new dream, new brilliance

Xingbang heavy industry: new starting point, new dream, new brilliance

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the past 2016 has been an extremely extraordinary year for both the Chinese economy and the construction machinery industry. After years of downward adjustment, it finally dawned and ushered in signs of stability and recovery. For the domestic aerial work platform industry, it is also full of changes and challenges. Several families are happy and several families are worried. For Xingbang heavy industry, which first began the research and development and sales of aerial work platforms in China, 2016 has been extremely enriched, Confident and calm. In 2016, our sales volume doubled, our domestic market share continued to increase, and we entered the top three. The international market consolidated and expanded our advantages. The product improvement has achieved initial results. In 2016, BMW zhanxingbang heavy industry released a new coating, and the appearance of scientific and fashionable set off a whirlwind of Xingbang

Xingbang heavy industry: new starting point, new dream, new brilliance

in 2017, Xingbang will welcome the first ten years since computer experiments were recorded. As the first manufacturer focusing on aerial work platforms in China, Xingbang heavy industry's method is to thicken the viscosity of oil, which has almost experienced the whole process of the industry from silence to take-off. The manufacturing industry especially needs craftsmanship and loneliness. In 2017, Xingbang will launch a new generation of masterpieces that have accumulated over the past ten years. Let's look forward to it

for us, 10 years is just the beginning of an era. We are grateful to the customers who have always supported us all the way. Without your approval, we can't walk so calmly; Thanks to all Xingbang people. Please typeset your contributions according to the paper template and attach the author's name, unit, mailing address, postal code, e-mail and contact. Without your hard work and unremitting persistence, we can't go so well; Thank all our competitors. Without your pressure step by step, we can't continue to surpass and achieve transformation; We are grateful to every participant and follower of the aerial work platform. Let's witness and open a better future together

the new year is coming. In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Xingbang and thank our customers, the annual business conference will be held in January 2017, when the 10th anniversary edition of Xingbang heavy industry will be released globally, with special configuration, special service policies and special coating. Please continue to pay attention to the next issue of Xingbang. From January 7 to 9, 2017, let's gather in Changsha for professional quality and create brilliance

please look forward to it! (this article is from Xingbang heavy industry)

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