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5g and artificial intelligence, these new technologies constitute "information epidemic prevention"

in order to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, many public places have taken entry-level detection and other measures to keep the virus out of the door. For example, in Guangzhou, where the author is located, before entering the bus, subway, shopping malls and coffee shops, staff members need to check their temperature one by one with a temperature gun, but this manual detection method will inevitably affect the traffic efficiency of public transport, especially in railway stations, passenger stations and other places with a large flow of people during the Spring Festival transportation

▲ Beijing West Railway Station staff are measuring the temperature of passengers entering the station Picture from: Xinhua News Agency

however, we don't have to worry that temperature detection will make our travel difficult. In the current environment, there are many new technologies that are helping us fight the epidemic, making our passage more convenient and providing better health protection for front-line doctors and nurses

5g makes us a "cloud supervisor"

since last year, 5g communication has been applied to public construction. This year, we can also see 5g in the construction of Vulcan mountain and Raytheon mountain hospitals

on the roof near huoshenshan hospital, we can see a circular surveillance camera working. The slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress of the products. It is the eyes of tens of millions of "cloud supervisors" who disappear through 5g network 24 to continuously transmit the construction of huoshenshan hospital

▲ "Regent king" supervised the work

in fact, as early as the early stage of the construction of huoshenshan hospital (January 25), China Mobile, China Unicom and telecom have opened the first 5g base station for the hospital, and then realized 4G and 5g network coverage. On January 27, the construction personnel of the two hospitals completed all equipment commissioning and began live broadcasting

▲ hospital construction site Picture from: CCTV

compared with traditional 4G and cable transmission, 5g brings benefits of high speed, high bandwidth and low latency. Although the current 4G network can meet the transmission of HD live broadcast under good network conditions, 5g has become the best choice to meet these needs because this live broadcast needs to meet the needs of VR live broadcast and multi platform streaming in addition to high-definition pictures

▲ VR live broadcast of Leishen Mountain hospital Picture from: CCTV

but 5g brings not only the speed advantage of this live broadcast, but also more flexible equipment laying and adjustment. In the past, if wireless networks were not used, before live broadcasting, the construction team needed to lay optical fibers, build networks, assemble equipment, and then transmit high-definition images to various platforms. However, this will increase the difficulty of construction and affect the overall process

therefore, in this live broadcast, the live broadcast team used the transmission scheme of "5g+ optical fiber dual Gigabit Network", so as to ensure that this live broadcast can be carried out 24 hours a day

▲ monitor the live broadcast staff Picture from: CCTV

using 5g for continuous live broadcast is an inevitable choice and a bold attempt of the team. However, as we can see, this live broadcast proves that 5g helps the transmission efficiency of video media and has higher flexibility, and smoothly transmits the pictures of the construction site to the equipment of each audience in front of the screen

according to the traditional mode, it is necessary to pull optical fibers or wires, but the construction environment of the construction site was very complex at that time. And it is impossible to pull the line to the tower. After all, the line will eventually return to the machine room. Wang Zheng, director of Hubei Mobile Office, said in an interview with China business news that according to China Telecom, the number of simultaneous viewers of this live broadcast exceeded 90million, and the cumulative number of visitors exceeded 200million

in terms of China Mobile, Migu video has been broadcast live to more than 20 mainstream media, including the people, Xinhua news agency, CCTV, and the cumulative number of viewers has reached 300million as of February 4

5g and VR constitute "the main reasons for the shortage of highly skilled talents in information technology are the following points: information, chemical and epidemic prevention"

5g is not only used in live broadcasting, but also used in body temperature detection. At the beginning of the article, I mentioned that the new technology makes our travel more convenient. In fact, it refers to 5g infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement

▲ picture from: China Unicom

according to the consultation with China Mobile by Zhejiang, this system is composed of infrared temperature detection camera, somatosensory blackbody, 5g CPE and computer host

compared with the traditional manual temperature gun detection, 5g infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement adopts the non-contact design, that is, the incoming and outgoing personnel only need to walk in front of the lens and sensor, and the equipment can quickly obtain the current personnel temperature data for screening, thus eliminating the steps of manual testing one by one, improving the traffic efficiency and reducing the cross infection caused by personnel retention

▲ Shenzhen University General Hospital uses infrared detection to screen the incoming and outgoing personnel. The picture comes from: Southern Metropolis Daily

it is reported that through thermal imaging technology and environmental data algorithm, the temperature measurement accuracy of the instrument can reach 0.1 ℃. With the help of 5g network, the temperature data detected by the instrument will be transmitted to the epidemic prevention control center in time. When the personnel are detected to have abnormal temperature, the equipment will automatically send a warning reminder

the whole detection process takes only 0.5 seconds, which is 10 times faster than manual temperature measurement

at present, 5g infrared thermal imaging temperature measuring equipment has been used in shopping malls, hospitals and transportation hubs in some areas, and will be deployed to public places with large traffic

▲ picture from: Xinhua News Agency

the hospital intensive care unit is the front line to fight against the disease, and it is also the place with the most virus infection between doctors and patients

in the severe isolation area of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, we can see many newly installed monitoring equipment, but these are not ordinary security monitoring cameras, but the "VR remote observation and guidance system" installed by China Mobile

▲ picture from: Zhejiang

it is reported that through these lenses distributed throughout the critical illness area, medical staff can observe patients in the critical illness area at any time through high-definition pictures and VR technology, so as to avoid the contact between medical staff and critical patients and reduce the infection that medical staff may encounter patients

at the same time, experts outside the second hospital of Zhejiang University can also observe patients in critical areas through this system. Even in different places, the expert group can give diagnosis and treatment plans in time to help the hospital carry out rescue work

for the family members of the patients, the situation of their relatives in the severe isolation area can be observed through this system

▲ picture from: Zhejiang

of course, due to the need for real-time high-definition VR image transmission, this system is also built based on 5g network. Like the infrared temperature detection system mentioned above, VR remote observation and guidance system is also one of the applications of this "information epidemic prevention"

AI will reduce the diagnosis time to 30 minutes

in fact, in addition to more efficient communication transmission, Ai Ai Ai also plays an important auxiliary role in this epidemic

on February 1, Zhejiang CDC launched the "automated whole genome detection and analysis platform". Compared with the nucleic acid detection currently used, the system can carry out the whole genome sequence alignment of the virus samples of suspected cases according to the AI algorithm, not only to detect the part of the virus gene, so as to prevent the virus from missing detection due to mutation

▲ structure of novel coronavirus

in addition, with the help of AI, the detection of virus samples of suspected cases has also been reduced from a few hours to half an hour, which greatly improves the efficiency of diagnosis and reduces the tension of medical resources

according to the introduction of pengpai, this "automated whole genome detection and analysis platform" is jointly developed by alidamo Institute and Jieyi biotechnology company. Alibaba provides analysis algorithm support. Jieyi biotechnology is responsible for the automatic high-throughput sequencing library building instrument. Through the distributed analysis algorithm, the system splices the sequenced results (de Bruijn graph algorithm is used in the splicing stage), Then the complete structure and diagnostic results of the virus are obtained in a short time

▲ ai+ct diagnosis interface

on the other hand, Shanghai public health clinical center has also launched the "intelligent image evaluation system for novel coronavirus pneumonia" recently. This system uses artificial intelligence whole lung quantitative analysis technology, which uses AI image algorithm, which eventually forms a stable grid type aluminum based lead alloy composite anode plate product, to automatically compare, diagnose and quantitatively analyze and evaluate CT images

in addition, the system can grade and analyze the severity of patients according to the examination results, provide multi-dimensional decision-making help for clinical medical staff, and alleviate the pressure of the current shortage of medical resources

▲ doctors in Shanghai public health clinical center use the system to detect the lung condition of patients

it is worth mentioning that in addition to auxiliary diagnosis, Alibaba cloud, Baidu and other Internet companies also recently announced the opening of AI computing, providing help for the drug research and development of the treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia

however, although AI has achieved initial results in medical assistance, AI medical treatment is now facing the same problem as all new drugs, which requires a large amount of clinical experimental data in order to make the AI medical system applied to more institutions. Without the support of data, AI's help to the medical system is still very limited

however, we can see that 5g and AI have more practical applications in this anti epidemic, which is a good start for the upcoming "5g+ai" smart communication

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