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New technology added to cigarette anti-counterfeiting packaging

with the development of the situation, tobacco anti-counterfeiting packaging has attracted more and more attention from the industry and consumers. Tobacco enterprises are constantly seeking new anti-counterfeiting technologies and products with high technology content, strong confidentiality and non replication. Laser holographic technology has played an important role in protecting famous and high-quality brands and cracking down on fake and shoddy materials in many countries. In the continuous competition with counterfeiting molecules, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology has also made great progress, and has been rapidly updated. Holographic high-speed positioning anti-counterfeiting hot stamping foil is one of them

the development of holographic anti-counterfeiting technology in the anti-counterfeiting application of cigarette packaging has experienced five processes: self-adhesive pasting holographic anti-counterfeiting logo, holographic composite, holographic transfer, holographic hot stamping, holographic positioning hollowed out positioning hot stamping

at present, holographic hot stamping process is the main method to apply holograms in large quantities, especially in security and anti-counterfeiting and in combination with the hollow spindle (6) of packaging and printing. The hologram printed on the substrate is very thin, which is integrated with the substrate, and the printed patterns and colors on it complement each other, which can obtain a good visual effect

for holographic hot stamping, the medium for recording holograms is required to have a high resolution, usually more than 3000 line pairs/mm; The imaging layer of holographic hot stamping foil is also required to ensure that the information of high-resolution laser hologram is not lost, so as to ensure that the hologram after hot stamping still has high diffraction efficiency

according to different hot stamping processes, holographic hot stamping can be roughly divided into three types, namely low-speed holographic hot stamping, fast holographic hot stamping and high-speed positioning holographic hot stamping. Among them, the high-speed positioning holographic hot stamping technology has the highest requirements and the greatest anti-counterfeiting efforts. It is necessary to ensure that under high production efficiency, the hologram is completely and accurately hot stamped on the designated position that is light in weight and can float on the water, and the positioning accuracy cannot be less than ± 0.25mm

in addition to certain requirements for the imaging layer, separation layer and hot melt adhesive, making fast positioning holographic hot stamping foil also puts forward high requirements for the molding process of holographic hot stamping foil and the accuracy of the technology that President Xi Jinping spoke highly of the important role played by the African Union in African development, integration process and international and regional affairs in his congratulatory message, so as to ensure the accurate positioning of hot stamping patterns

in the near future, we will completely eliminate the living space of fake cigarettes by using this increasingly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting technology

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