New tactics of spring ploughing under the epidemic

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Field Defense War: spring ploughing "new war method" under the epidemic situation

field Defense War: spring ploughing "new war method" under the epidemic situation

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as the temperature rises, the earth begins to recover and warm up. After the rainy season, in addition to the tense and busy anti epidemic atmosphere, the smell of newly dug soil is quietly spreading over the vast land. It was an extraordinary spring, which was the key season for spring ploughing. On the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic, industrious farmers began the "spring ploughing defense war" in the fields one after another

green passage, escort for spring ploughing preparation

agricultural equipment is the key to do a good job in spring ploughing preparation. Affected by the COVID-19, road traffic control is being implemented in many parts of the country, and the transportation of agricultural equipment has also been greatly affected. However, people miss one time and people miss one year. In order to implement the general office of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, the general office of the Ministry of transport The general office of the Ministry of Public Security issued the policy of "emergency notice on ensuring the normal circulation order of" vegetable basket "products and agricultural means of production" to ensure spring ploughing and preparation. Under the condition of ensuring epidemic prevention and control, Arong Banner agricultural machinery Center welcomed the first batch of LoVo apos agricultural equipment

on February 21, the sky was floating with snowflakes, and the staff of Aron banner agricultural machinery center came to Aron banner high-speed toll station early. They were waiting for the arrival of vehicles transporting Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment according to the requirements of the Ministry of air and water pollution for the prevention and control of the flag's covid-19, which has good damping resilience, heat resistance, creep resistance and dimensional stability. As soon as the vehicle left the toll station, the staff hurried forward, comprehensively supervised and reported the vehicle and the personnel in the vehicle as soon as they entered Arong Banner, closed the cab, pasted seals on the door, and disinfected the whole vehicle to avoid the risk of virus transmission

the transportation of agricultural equipment in Lovol Arbos will effectively reduce the impact of the epidemic on the spring farming production of farmers in Arong Banner, and meet the needs of agricultural machinery for spring farming and preparation in Arong Banner during the epidemic period

strict epidemic prevention, innovative agricultural machinery sales 0 contact

on February 15, 2020, suntianxin, general manager of Zhangye Tianxiang Trading Co., Ltd., and lvhuashan, deputy general manager, sent a Lovol opal m504-e wheeled tractor to the entrance of Liunan village, Liuba Town, Minle County. After disinfecting the tractor, they waved to the buyers in the entrance of the village and left. Then, Qiao Kairong, the user who bought the machine, drove the tractor home with satisfaction. In this way, a sales transaction of agricultural machinery with "no meeting" appointment sales and "no contact" delivery and inspection was completed. A "epidemic" of "no meeting" service and spring ploughing was launched under the guidance and encouragement of the agricultural and rural Bureau and the innovative sales of agricultural machinery dealers in the county

in order to give full play to the pollution caused by the agricultural plastic granulator process, which is often an important source of environmental pollution in China, the main force role of industrial machinery in spring ploughing production, effectively respond to the COVID-19, and promote the steady development of agricultural production, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment vigorously promotes the sales, sales and other long-distance sales models. Agricultural machinery distribution enterprises are encouraged to provide services such as sending agricultural machinery to the village, sending spare parts to the village, and sending maintenance to the village. By setting up call transfer or publishing mobile to the outside world, they can ensure the smoothness of agricultural machinery consultation and complaints, and timely answer and deal with farmers' consultations and complaints. Show the responsibility of the enterprise and open up a new way of purchasing machines for spring ploughing

In this special spring, everyone responded to the call and took the initiative to isolate themselves at home. Many farmers were worried that the planting land was left unattended, but Zhen Lijun, located in Qihe County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, was not worried about this problem, He said, "thanks to the local Fengli agricultural machinery professional service cooperative, my 5500 Mu Chenopodium wheat field has been managed by them, and I can harvest when I sit at home!"

on February 20, in the Chenopodium field of Zhen Lijun, the agricultural machinery team, including 13 Lovol opal tractors, was busy in full swing. They were the local Fengli agricultural machinery professional service cooperative from the Yancheng Office of Qihe. At this time, they were carrying out a series of operations for Chenopodium planting for users. Manager Wang of the cooperative said, "he took the initiative to make an appointment with us on February 3. Our cooperative has already established a deep friendship with local users. Now that agricultural operations are affected by the epidemic, we should take the lead and help users solve problems." Speaking of the impact of the epidemic, manager Wang then said, "before the operation, considering that some members of the original list came from the epidemic area, we urgently changed the operators, disinfected the agricultural machinery every day, and measured the temperature of the agricultural machinery hands, so as to avoid the situation that the masses in the operation area are worried about health problems."

there is no lover in the epidemic. As Zhen Lijun said, "as a farmer, the land is not desolate, and my heart is secure."

seize the opportunity to work and prevent epidemics

at this time of spring ploughing and preparation, various regions in China are in various ways, while strictly implementing various measures and resolutely winning the war of epidemic prevention and control, while seizing the opportunity to do a good job of spring ploughing and preparation and doing everything possible to ensure agricultural production. For example, Fuyuan agricultural machinery company, which is located in Chongzuo City, Guangxi Province, said: "the methods are always more difficult than difficulties. We are confident and able to do both in fighting the epidemic and seizing the agricultural time."

as a dealer in Chongzuo city when users input the "search engine tutorial" to search for Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment in Guangxi Province, the agricultural manager of Fuyuan agricultural machinery company actively responded to the government's call to resume epidemic prevention with both hands. Since sugarcane is mainly planted locally, it is necessary to turn over the land at this time of year. However, affected by the COVID-19, many private sugarcane fields are facing the situation of unattended, and they have turned to the government and cooperatives for help. The agricultural managers who know the situation actively organize cooperatives to actively contact users with operational needs. He said, "we have been working since the middle of December and have been busy until the eve of the Spring Festival. After the Spring Festival, it will be the busiest time. We will always maintain epidemic prevention intensity, safe operation and healthy operation."

"cuckoo Feifei advised early ploughing and hoeing while spring was fine." The plan of a year lies in spring, and spring ploughing is at the right time. Lovo Arbos believes that through concerted efforts to fight the epidemic and take multiple measures, we will be able to sing the beautiful harmony of spring and autumn without violating the agricultural season. (Wang Hui)

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