It is expected that China will have 50 ultra wide

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It is estimated that China will have 50% of the world's ultra wide aluminum foil mills next year. According to one of the plastic bags used in supermarkets, by the end of 2005, the world will have 26 aluminum foil mills with a roll width equal to or greater than 2000mm, and it is decided to cancel China's half

these 13 rolling mills are installed in four aluminum foil production enterprises in China, such as Bohai aluminum company, xiashun aluminum foil Co., Ltd. and Nanshan Group light alloy processing plant. Ten of them are in East China, and their double zero foil production capacity can reach 65kt/A, accounting for about 40% of China's total double zero foil production capacity (166kt/A in 2006)

other countries in Asia do not have aluminum foil mills with roll width equal to or greater than 2000mm. All such super large top aluminum foil mills are included by China. This has created a solid prerequisite for China's strategic investment in exporting a large number of Tetra Pak double zero packaging aluminum foil with a width of more than 1700mm and lack of research resources

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