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Difficult to start? Emulsification failure? Air compressor lubrication problems find TPI

difficult to start? Emulsification failure? TPI air compressor lubrication expert

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the application requirements of air compressors in the industrial field are complex and diverse, and the operating environment is also very different. The general-purpose air compressor oil is far from meeting the lubrication requirements of special operating environment. 3 Multi curve mode data tracking: it realizes the experimental data calculation of torque torque angle, torque time, axial force time and other curve tracking. As an expert in air compressor lubrication, TPI timely fills the gap in the field of air compressor lubrication with its unique technology and professional ability, and provides special air compressor oil for various harsh lubrication environments

ultra low temperature air compressor oil

entering the severe winter, the northern region is freezing, outdoor air compressor stations, mobile units and vehicle air compressors are difficult to start, with serious wear and noise, and conventional air compressor oil is unable to work under low temperature operating conditions

tpi low temperature air compressor oil series includes not only fully synthetic air compressor oil in -60 ℃ ultra-low temperature operating environment, but also super air 4000lt series of cost-effective air compressor oil that meets the low temperature working conditions in northern China. Special additive components are used to provide more reliable lubrication protection for air compressors under low temperature working conditions

anti emulsified air compressor oil

sliding vane machine has the advantages of small volume, light weight, low noise, simple operation and high reliability. In recent years, it has been widely used in the field of new energy vehicles

water emulsification of oil products often occurs in vehicle slide machines. The lubricating performance, anti-wear and anti rust ability of emulsified oil are seriously reduced, and the service life is shortened. Please re tension the tensioner

tp cylinder stroke: 250mm; I super air 6008s series adopts special base oil and additive formula to improve the demulsibility of oil products by more than 2 times, so as to solve a series of lubrication problems caused by the risk of electric shock or the damage of the machine to the emulsification of oil products. The excellent anti-wear, anti rust and anti-oxidation properties not only prolong the oil change cycle, but also improve the service life of the equipment. Super Air PS series has high water capacity, which fundamentally solves the problem of oil emulsification and provides an oil change cycle of more than 8000 hours

special oil for Japanese compressors

air compressors such as Hitachi and Kobe Steel have special requirements for oil products. TPI has specially developed RSJ series oil products for such compressors, including fully synthetic 10000 hour oil and cost-effective 6000 hour oil, providing complete options for the above compressor users

special oil for advanced centrifuges

centrifugal air compressors are more and more widely used in large users in recent years because of their compact structure, large gas production, reliable operation and low maintenance costs

centrifuges have high rotating speed and high requirements for continuous operation reliability. Many manufacturers directly recommend low viscosity screw compressor oil and even turbine oil to lubricate all kinds of centrifuges, which cannot meet the lubrication requirements of centrifuge bearings and impellers. Based on this, TPI lubricating oil has specially launched centrifugal air compressor oil products, including several series of pag/pao/highly refined base oil formulations, which have excellent oxidation stability, excellent viscosity temperature characteristics and shear resistance, delay oil aging, and the oil change cycle is from 8000 hours to 26000 hours, simplifying the maintenance options of centrifuge users and safeguarding the long-term stable operation of centrifuges

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