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It is difficult to speed up the recruitment of workers after the festival. Recently, with the departure of the Spring Festival, the domestic manufacturing industry has ushered in a labor peak, and a large number of workers have also begun to look for new jobs. With the improvement of living standards, workers began to dislike monotonous and repetitive boring work, and their expectations for wages and salaries became higher and higher, resulting in the shortage of workers in manufacturing enterprises

at some job fairs, there was a new scene. A large number of intermediaries holding recruitment signs began to recruit workers for employers

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at the job fair, there was an oversupply of jobs in most industries dominated by manufacturing jobs, and a large number of enterprises could not recruit people. Such market conditions gave birth to the recruitment scalper. It is understood that if you successfully introduce a job, you can get a return of about 100 yuan. Some of these scalpers earn more than 10000 yuan a month

workers gradually have more choices for new jobs, especially skilled workers. They don't worry about finding jobs, and then slowly choose suitable positions after shopping around. Workers have higher and higher requirements for working environment, corporate culture, personal development, salary, etc. Recruitment enterprises are anxious like ants on a hot pot. If they can't recruit suitable workers, they can only postpone the construction period

the peak recruitment season is often the season when there is the greatest shortage of employees in manufacturing enterprises compared with the aluminum chassis used before. The operation of enterprises should not be stopped due to the lack of workers. In view of the difficulty in recruiting workers, accelerating the pace of machine replacement has become an inevitable choice for the manufacturing industry

at the same time, the robot industry is also accelerating the pace of development. For example, in China's rare earth Nd-Fe-B industry, Beijing lingbang instrument has recently completed a new round of improvement after successfully developing a detection robot for the quality detection of Nd-Fe-B products. The software of the detection robot has been finalized, which can detect the damage resistance better and test products of various shapes and specifications. After a long-term test and the use of the manufacturer, it can be seen that the test performance of the software is stable and meets the relevant test requirements. In terms of hardware, lingbang instruments chooses to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with the world's top spare parts suppliers to ensure product quality

at present, the equipment has been put into mass production twice, so the performance depends on what the boss asks you to do rather than what you think you should do, which basically dispels some enterprises' concerns about whether the test performance of new products is stable and whether the test results meet the requirements

based on the local market and using scientific and technological innovation means, Chinese science and technology enterprises are stepping up the development of new products, liberating the simple labor force in China's manufacturing industry to the greatest extent, and releasing them from the monotonous, repetitive and heavy working environment to engage in other production labor

on the other hand, automation equipment is conducive to the manufacturing units to extricate themselves from the haze of recruitment difficulties, greatly improve the operation efficiency of the factory, improve product quality, reduce the cost of human management, and thus promote industrial transformation and upgrading

at the beginning of the new year, the old problem of difficult recruitment continues to perplex manufacturing enterprises at the centralized signing ceremony of key projects in Dezhou, which has become a stumbling block on the road of enterprise development. If manufacturing enterprises are still complacent and do not start the pace of machine replacement as soon as possible, the development prospect of China's manufacturing industry will be worrying

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