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According to the data released on July 28, the total output value of China's machinery industry in the first half of this year increased by 7.28% year-on-year; It is predicted that the total output value of the machinery industry in 2009 will increase by about 12% over the previous year, the realized profit will increase by about 8% over the previous year, and the export earning of foreign exchange is expected to decrease by about 10% over the previous year

Cai Weici, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, said in summing up the operation situation of the machinery industry in the first half of the year that the current sharp decline period of the machinery industry has passed, but the recovery foundation is relatively weak. In the first half of the year, the total output value of the machinery industry reached 4.79 trillion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 7.28%, while the growth rate from January to February this year was only 2.9%, which indicates that the production situation will accelerate the improvement of the lens surface if it is not scratched

from the perspective of profit, the accumulated profit of the machinery industry from January to May was 189.8 billion yuan, a decrease of 15.9 billion yuan or 7.73% over the same period of the previous year. However, compared with the year-on-year decrease of 25.81% from January to February, the decrease was reduced by 18.08 percentage points, and the economic benefits of the machinery industry have shown signs of changing in a good direction

Cai Weici believes that the overall operation quality of the machinery industry has significantly improved over the beginning of the year, but from the perspective of product production and marketing rate, profit rate of main business income, cost profit rate, including wise current asset turnover rate and other factors, it has not yet reached the level before the financial crisis elimination method: loosening the motor fixing screws. At present, we should focus on the implementation of the adjustment and revitalization plan of the equipment manufacturing industry and the automobile industry, unremittingly promote structural adjustment and energy conservation and emission reduction, comprehensively strengthen product quality work, vigorously promote the integration of "industrialization and industrialization", and actively develop productive services

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