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It is a little difficult to solve these three problems in environmental protection rectification.

to implement various environmental protection policies, local governments have great psychological pressure, as well as great pressure on economic development. How to calculate the "ecological account" and "economic account"

many enterprises have been shut down and limited production in environmental protection rectification. Can pollution control really only be one size fits all

these three problems lie in the implementation of the concept of ecological and environmental protection development, especially in some economically developed places in the past

however, with the continuous and in-depth promotion of pollution control and rectification, local governments and enterprises have changed not only their practices, but also their concepts. Zhou fuzhang, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of ecological and environmental protection, said that in the short term, environmental protection curbs extensive growth; In the long run, environmental protection will definitely promote high-quality development. Strengthening pollution control and eliminating backward production capacity are conducive to expanding environmental capacity and enhancing the capacity for long-term development

under high pressure, how can enterprises transform

the concept of ecological and environmental protection development is not only energy storage and measurement, but also spring fatigue testing machine is an experimental instrument specially used to test the physical properties of springs. It is as simple as pollution control. At present, it has entered into all-round and multi-level practice. From the central and local governments to enterprises, from policies, laws to supervision, from air, water to soil pollution control. Let enterprises deeply realize that "the storm of pollution control and rectification is not a gust of wind."

zhuyulin, general manager of Lianyungang branch of Jiangsu Yabang dye Co., Ltd., said with emotion that environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more strict, and the products and production processes produced by enterprises must meet the national environmental protection requirements

according to the data released by the Ministry of ecological environment of China, 109696 punishment decisions were issued for environmental administrative punishment cases nationwide in this month, with the amount of fines and confiscations of 9.123 billion

supervision has been stepped up at all levels, and enterprises have also realized that rectification must be accelerated. According to Zhu Yulin, the enterprise has invested 82.5 million yuan since it stopped production in mid April this year for rectification, but the rectification has not been in place yet. It is expected that the rectification of the enterprise will be completed by March next year

however, in Zhu Yulin's view, they have realized that the sooner the enterprises complete the pollution control and rectification, the more advantages they have. Good environmental protection management will also greatly promote enterprises

Zhu Yulin said that after the rectification, on the one hand, enterprises can survive, while enterprises that fail to meet the environmental protection requirements will be eliminated; On the other hand, it has changed the previous vicious competition between the same industry in the way of competitive price reduction. "In the past, the market price of products did not include environmental protection costs, and enterprises that strictly implement environmental protection standards will suffer losses. In the future, everyone will compete under the same standard, which is conducive to the healthy and benign development of the industry."

two accounts of local governments

enterprises have pressure, and the government also has "unspeakable suffering"

Jiangsu Province, which is at the forefront of economic development in the country, has proposed "pollution free GDP" in the process of economic transformation and development in recent years. Behind the slogan is a heavy economic burden

"due to environmental pollution, leading cadres at all levels are under great pressure, and cadres at the city and county levels have been held accountable," Zuo Jun, Secretary of the Guanyun county Party committee of Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, told

under the heavy pressure, enterprises in Lingang Industrial Zone of Guanyun County, Lianyungang have paid less than 2billion taxes for more than 10 years, while the county has invested 3.6 billion yuan to control the environmental pollution of the park since 2017

according to the introduction, Guanyun Lingang Industrial Zone was founded in March, 2005 and set up as a Municipal Development Zone in May, 2010, with a planned area of about 120 square kilometers. Since 2016, the county has vigorously promoted comprehensive renovation, with a total investment of 3.6 billion

Tan Shulin, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Lingang Industrial Zone in Guanyun County, said that since April this year, all chemical enterprises in the park have stopped production. Take the strictest measures to divide chemical enterprises into three grades A, B and C, and urge the transformation and upgrading of enterprises listed in Grade A; For enterprises listed in Grade B, they should actively do a good job in transformation and upgrading, and those who fail to complete the rectification task on time should be reduced to grade C; 57 enterprises in Grade C were weakened in resource allocation, listed as banned objects, and guided to withdraw gradually. At the same time, strengthening the experimental standards mentioned above refers to the "one enterprise, one management, and classified measures" of ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, BS, JIS, etc., to ensure accurate assistance

"if you simply calculate the economic account, you will lose money in the short term", Zuo Jun said. For a while, pollution remediation will bring pain; In the long run, we must resolutely eliminate polluting enterprises. Thoroughly rectify the environmental pollution problem with the attitude of "zero tolerance", and eliminate it if it does not meet the standard, do not produce or upgrade

"one size fits all" and "one size fits all"

but does zero tolerance mean one size fits all

according to the data of Jiangsu Provincial Department of ecological and environmental protection, in January this year, 534 enterprises were recommended by the provincial environmental protection departments at all levels to be closed by the government and issued a decision to stop production according to law, of which 135 were closed and 399 were shut down

according to reports, these 135 closed enterprises are all enterprises with prominent environmental problems, of which 53 have no environmental protection procedures, 18 have stolen and missed emissions, 15 have invaded the ecological red line reserve, and 14 have exceeded the standard and exceeded the total emissions

Zhou fuzhang, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of ecological and environmental protection, said to us that we firmly "cut all enterprises" with serious pollution and hopeless rectification, but we firmly oppose "cut all enterprises". Moreover, environmental remediation is only aimed at emission standards, which can be seen from the use of the same industry. It is not aimed at specific regions and industries, and it is a high specification

in addition, in the face of the fact that there are many industrial enterprises that have been closed down and limited production due to environmental protection rectification this year, the Yandu District Environmental Protection Bureau of Yancheng City has strengthened its guidance and guidance to enterprises that fail to meet environmental protection standards, actively helping enterprises solve their difficulties and promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading through "one-to-one" technological transformation, applying for pollution prevention subsidies, timely acceptance and resumption of production, etc

up to now, 127 pollution related enterprises in Yandu District of Yancheng have resumed production after receiving experience. A number of enterprises are accelerating their transformation, showing a trend of booming production and marketing

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