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The prospect of renegotiation of China EU photovoltaic trade dispute is unpredictable

the tense China EU photovoltaic case has always been concerned by all walks of life. Recently, it was learned from the China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of mechanical and electrical products that the negotiation team composed of the Ministry of Commerce, the chamber of Commerce for mechanical and electrical products and relevant photovoltaic enterprises has gone to the EU, which is also the first round of formal negotiations between China and the EU after the preliminary determination of the photovoltaic anti-dumping case

in addition, China and the EU also preliminarily agreed to hold the 27th China EU economic and trade mixed committee in Beijing on June 21 to study and solve the problems existing in bilateral economic and trade cooperation, including photovoltaic trade disputes. Facing the unpredictable negotiation prospect, many photovoltaic enterprises have increased their shipments to Europe, hoping to complete as many orders as possible before August 6

there were two negotiations this month

the EU photovoltaic double counter case against China is the largest trade friction case between China and the EU so far. Two weeks ago, the EU decided to impose a two-month temporary anti-dumping duty of 11.8% on photovoltaic products from China from June 6. If the two sides fail to reach a solution before August 6, the anti-dumping tax rate will rise to 47.6%

it is understood that on the day after the preliminary determination results were released, the chamber of Commerce for mechanical and electrical products urgently convened a meeting of more than 40 photovoltaic enterprises to assess the losses and impact of the 11.8% anti-dumping tax on enterprises, and discuss the specific plan for the next price commitment negotiation. According to foreign media reports, the European negotiating team arrived in Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union, this week to discuss the technical aspects of internal exchanges with the European side on the photovoltaic case, which is not open to the public

in addition, at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce held on June 18, Ministry of Commerce spokesman shendanyang revealed that China and the EU preliminarily agreed to hold the 27th China EU economic and trade mixed committee in Beijing on June 21 to study and solve problems existing in bilateral economic and trade cooperation, including photovoltaic trade disputes

it is generally believed in the industry that the European side wants to set double limits on price and quantity, and has differences with the Chinese side on details such as the range of price increase, so the best choice for interior insulation is complex negotiation situation. In this regard, Shen Danyang said that he believed that both China and Europe would cherish opportunities. Fluorocarbon polymer is one of the most researched and utilized microporous organic materials since the 1980s. Researchers placed high hopes on it and conducted in-depth research to reach an agreement acceptable to both sides as soon as possible

enterprises make two preparations

large quantities of shipments to Europe before the final decision

although the negotiation channel will not be affected, some insiders believe that whether China and the EU can negotiate a price commitment in the next 50 days is very uncertain, which is a big problem

it is learned from some photovoltaic enterprises that most photovoltaic enterprises are busy shipping. After June 7, the major shipping routes to Europe are basically in the state of explosion, and the hydraulic distributor is equipped with manual stop valve

Yuan Quan, manager of the marketing department of Freon solar energy, said that since the preliminary determination results were announced on June 4, the company has received many new orders from European buyers, "and European buyers have clearly stated that as long as they can clear customs in Europe before the final determination, the enterprise can produce more high-quality goods at low prices and less goods, the buyers will need as much goods as possible."

Yuan Quan predicted that from the current situation of China EU negotiations, the possibility of abolishing tariffs is small, and the ideal state is to maintain an anti-dumping duty of 11.8%. "The price of photovoltaic products in China is on average 20% cheaper than that of overseas brands. Even if the anti-dumping duty is increased by 11.8%, the advantages of Chinese products have not been lost, and they can still be reluctantly sold."

hope that the domestic new deal will improve domestic demand

under the uncertain situation of the negotiation, some enterprises began to take the initiative to change and put the activation point of domestic market demand on distributed photovoltaic. However, the current domestic market capacity is limited, and the photovoltaic industry has excess capacity. Timely development of the domestic photovoltaic market has become an important issue

industry analysis points out that the crux that puzzles the investment enthusiasm of the domestic photovoltaic market at present lies in the full purchase of power generation and the degree of subsidy. However, electricity "constraints" have gradually loosened since last year. Market rumors say that the kWh subsidy involving distributed photovoltaic is expected to be announced as soon as the end of this month

the heads of photovoltaic enterprises such as Jingke energy and yamadon (market, capital, stock bar, inquiry) mentioned in the special forum of "distributed photovoltaic leadership dialogue" held a few days ago that there is great potential for the construction of domestic roof distributed photovoltaic projects, and the upcoming subsidy policy will directly promote individuals' interest in investment in power generation, and will leverage the huge domestic demand market. Zhonghua glass () Department

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