It is estimated that the total output value of Hua

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It is estimated that the total output value of "Huangyan mold" will reach 20billion yuan in 2015

the industrial development goal of Huangyan mold is: by 2015, the total output value will reach 2 (3) the operating distance will be 00billion yuan, and there will be more than 10 enterprises with an output value of billion yuan. The regional brand of "Huangyan mold" will become the first brand in the field of large-scale plastic mold in China, and the coverage of standard parts will reach more than 60%

in order to achieve the development goal, "Huangyan mold" accelerates the construction of mold new city and mold Expo Center in terms of spatial layout, continues to integrate and improve the original mold production bases in Xicheng and Beicheng, and constructs the industrial layout of "one master, one deputy and one center". In terms of project construction, we will focus on 16 major projects of transformation and upgrading. 11. The well cover pressure fatigue testing machine realizes the adjustment of beam lifting and lowering speed during sample clamping, and spare no effort to improve the support of approval, tracking, implementation and service. Select 12 Dragon Skull enterprises with slippery appearance to focus on cultivation, and strive to achieve a zero breakthrough in the industry listing in 2012. In the industrial chain, we should vigorously develop the upstream die steel, heat treatment and die forging industries, vigorously develop medium and high-grade automobile plastic cover molds and large and medium-sized automobile interior trim molds, realize the breakthrough from the accessories market to the main engine market, and strive to build "China's electric bicycle and parts industry base", "plastic commodity industry base" and "automobile parts export base" to enhance industrial competitiveness. In the construction of public service platform, strive to better concentrate and integrate high-quality resources, display the overall image of Huangyan mold and related industries, and improve the quality of various physical and mechanical performance tests of plastic film and rubber, wire and cable, waterproof coiled material, metal wire and other materials in the mold industry cluster

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