It is estimated that the scale of the plain wind p

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Long term energy: it is expected that the scale of plain wind power projects will reach 100million kW after parity.

the bottleneck of power rationing in the "Three North" region is obvious. Under the policy expectation that onshore wind power will enter parity in 2021, the development space of the low wind speed market in the middle and southeast is being opened. From a technical perspective, the higher wind turbine tower and larger impeller diameter of prospective energy have improved the economy of plain wind power, making the above expectations possible

Tangyin wind farm in Anyang City, Henan Province is the template of low wind speed wind field in the plain. Tangyin wind farm is invested and constructed by China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huaneng Group). 69 sets of 120 meter high all steel towers of Yuanjing energy are installed in the first phase of the project With a total installed capacity of 151800 kW, an area of 50 mu, and a total investment of 1.23 billion yuan, the X platform intelligent fan was started construction in September 2017 and merged in December 2018. It is the first plain wind farm in China that uses high towers on a large scale

Tangyin wind farm uses the first generation plain fan of vision energy. Due to the early time and the lack of parity, in two years, 70% of the rubber of vision energy of the third generation plain fan has been used in the tire market. 3.0 MW 156 meter impeller diameter fans have been launched. With the latest model of vision energy, the annual power generation of Tangyin wind farm can be increased by 800 hours per year on the basis of the current 2.2 MW 121 meter high tower, generally speaking, the wind turbine, and 3000 hours per year to reduce imports; Utilization hours of power generation on 2. Combined with the local unit cost level of 7500 yuan/kW in Henan, the full life cycle electricity price of Tangyin wind farm can be reduced to 0.3 yuan/kWh, which is lower than the benchmark electricity price of 0.3779 yuan/kwh in Henan Province

Tian Qingjun, senior vice president of vision energy, said that although the wind resources in the "Three North" region are relatively good, the consumption is very limited, and the transmission bottleneck is obvious. Middle East 6 By connecting the micro printer to the south, through technological innovation, the wind resources have exploitable value, so the consumption is guaranteed. More than 500 counties in China are plain counties. It is preliminarily estimated that more than 100million kW plain projects can be developed after parity. In the next year or two, wind power in almost all central and southeastern provinces can achieve parity. It is one of the development trends of wind power in the past two years to move from the "Three North" high wind speed areas to the central and southern low wind speed areas. Among them, the low wind speed areas are divided into mountain wind fields and plain wind fields, and the wind resources in the mountains are relatively better. The difference between the wind speed conditions and construction conditions is the main difference between the plain wind power and the three north area.

according to Tian Qingjun, senior vice president of vision energy, "The biggest challenge of developing the plain wind farm project is how to reasonably plan and use the limited land resources. Huaneng has made sufficient preparations in the project planning stage, and fully investigated the land availability of the planned area. With the improvement of the project input data, the vision adopts the independently developed Greenwich cloud platform, and under the given restrictive factors, makes a refined resource evaluation and income review of the developable area, and finally iterates to the best In order to maximize the benefits of the project on the premise of less occupation of farmland. "

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