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The replacement of 1515 street lamps in 17 old residential areas on the island is expected to be completed in September

- the single lamp control system will be adopted after the street lamp transformation

- Comparison of new (left) and old streetlights

Xiamen news (text/figure: Su Zhenpeng, correspondent of Xiamen evening news, Xie Yuzhen) streetlights are important municipal facilities. Yesterday, it was learned from the municipal engineering center that streetlights in 17 old residential areas on the Island are being upgraded, and it is planned to complete the construction in September. This batch of new street lamps mainly use LED light sources with high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, and use a single lamp control system, which is more intelligent

yesterday morning, near the community neighborhood committee of Qianpu North District, we saw that workers were excavating the road surface to prepare for the later layout of pipelines. According to the staff of the Municipal Engineering Center, the street lamp upgrading and reconstruction of the old community adopts the segmented construction method, which restores one section after the construction to minimize the construction impact

some new street lamps have been erected in the community. The lamp poles are curved, actively follow gray, and use LED light sources. The transformed streetlights also apply IOT technology. Led streetlights adopt a single lamp control system to realize the switching control of a single lamp, alarm with a year-on-year increase of 10.4%, GPS positioning, monitoring and statistics of streetlights' operating parameters, as well as automatic stepless dimming and on-demand lighting, so as to achieve the purpose of real-time monitoring and secondary energy saving

why should street lamps be upgraded? The staff of the Municipal Engineering Center said that communities such as Qianpu North District were originally built by the government, and the street lamps in the community were also managed by the municipal department. After 20 or 30 years of use, some street lamp supporting facilities have reached the service life, many street lamp facilities have been aging and damaged, and some of them still have potential safety hazards. The equipment of street light control cabinets in many communities and back streets and alleys is old. In the early stage, the equipment was not equipped with communication facilities, so it was unable to upload the operation status, so it could only be inspected manually, and the management efficiency was relatively low

damaged street lamp facilities, rusty lamp poles, old street lamp control cabinets, etc. will affect the appearance of the city. While old residential areas and back streets and alleys are mostly residential areas and crowded activity areas, so it is necessary to improve and transform street lamps. The total number of street lamps to be replaced in 17 old communities this time is 1515. At present, more than 70% of the street lamps have been replaced


the transformation of 13 km old water supply pipes will be completed by the end of September

recently, it was learned from the water group that in order to further strengthen the security of urban water supply, 13 km old water supply pipes on the island will be transformed, involving 9 municipal roads, and the construction period will be from the end of June to the end of September

this old water supply pipe reconstruction involves Hubin North Road, lianyue Road, Luling Road, Longshan Middle Road, Yiai Road, Xinhua Road, Siming East Road, Xiaxi Road, Datong Road. There are uncertain and nonlinear parameters and other factors. The old water supply pipes mainly use backward materials such as concrete pipes, gray cast iron pipes and galvanized pipes. After the transformation, the quality of tap water will be further improved and the leakage rate of pipes will be reduced

to minimize the impact on citizens' travel and life, the reconstruction is carried out from 23:00 at night to 6:00 the next morning

(Xie Yuzhen, correspondent Ye JUE)

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