It is difficult to predict the rise and fall of pa

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It is difficult to predict the rise and fall of paper prices in Britain this autumn

it is reported that some major British paper makers said that they have not received the request for price increase from the paper material suppliers, so it is expected that the paper price will not rise this autumn, but some paper makers believe that the paper price will continue to rise at a certain point this autumn

Robert Horne group, Paper Co. and Antalis all said that they had not received the notice of price increase. Another paper mill will form a great environmental infection, indicating that they have not been aware of any price rise trend that will affect the operation of printing enterprises. Meanwhile, Fedrigoni said that the company had implemented price hikes in the first quarter of this year and planned to freeze paper prices until the end of this year. In this regard, Freddie kienzler, general manager of formara, a commercial printing company, also said that although the price of paper is indeed rising, the reduction of production by printing companies has brought the price of paper back to the level at the end of last year

however, ALIS, the general manager of Robert heen 13 company, warned that the paper price would continue to rise at some point in the end. He said: cost cutting measures alone cannot restore industry profits to an acceptable range. Will Oldham, general manager of UPM UK, said that price strategy has always been a hot topic, and the company will continue to determine prices according to cost changes and the need to maintain the company's financial health

however, despite the prediction of price freeze, an insider said that another round of paper price rise will occur in September and October 2009, and printing enterprises should be prepared for this. He said: some paper-making enterprises said that their orders fell by 20% to 30% year-on-year. Paper makers have been de stocking, and printing enterprises have received significantly fewer orders than in August 2007. Last year, in response to the rising prices of raw materials and energy, paper makers announced a series of price hikes. Some companies still raised their prices in the first half of 2009

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