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Beijing Jiekong Technology Co., Ltd. developed a more complete and powerful fameview6.0 in order to meet the needs of users and better serve users. The powerful functions and integrated service concept of gekong fameview6.0 will provide more room for the enhanced application of monitoring software; VBScript script expert, user programming of advanced language, database connection analysis tool fmdblinks and data server fmdataservices will be more simple and practical to solve the application problems of industrial users

the software has become another milestone in the development of domestic configuration software with the characteristics of "stability, high speed, power and innovation". It fills the gap in the domestic high-end configuration software market

stability: it has been successfully applied to Shougang Shouqin, Shenzhen Metro phase I, Yunnan Chihong Zinc Germanium and other national major projects

high speed: Communication driven, extremely fast picture refresh

Innovation: the picture production adopts a user management tool interface to facilitate user-friendly configuration

user defined Gallery adding technology

simaticnet is not required for communication with Siemens PLC

provides a large number of intelligent controls and graphic libraries

powerful: powerful report function

fameview 6.0 integrates

◇ fmdevtable------------------ this means that if we do not liquidate them in the next 10 years ---------- equipment communication experts

◇ fmda provides supporting services for surrounding industries by taking advantage of the situation taservice----------------- data service experts

◇ fmdblink----------------- database connection experts

◇ fmrdatalink- then what do you think about the fatigue test Do you know the features and parts of the equipment that need maintenance? The following technical personnel of the company will answer for you: ---------------- remote data connection expert

◇ fmscript----------------- powerful VB script

at that time, the FameView configuration software of Jiekong technology will also work with abb to regularly hold training lectures for users on the knowledge and application of FameView configuration software and abbplc (AC, 50, 90, AC500 Series) products, Give users more perfect service

Beijing Jiekong Technology Co., Ltd. will invite dozens of media, customers and industry veterans to hold a new product launch on fameview6.0 on october18,2005. Thank you for your attention

about Jiekong:

Beijing Jiekong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiekong technology"). Over the years, it has been committed to serving the modern industrial automation industry, providing professional hardware and software products and technical services. We take "technology-based, service first" as the company's business purpose, and have an excellent reputation in various industries. Since its establishment in 2000, the company has maintained sustained and sound development. The independently developed FameView configuration software has won a wide range of applications and good evaluation in the industry, and has become one of the quite competitive configuration software in China; It grew by 300% in the Chinese market in 2004, and has been successfully applied to Shougang Shouqin group, Shenzhen Metro phase I, Yunnan Chihong Zinc Germanium and many other representative national major projects

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