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The peak decoration season has come. The home decoration industry, which has been slowly warmed up since late August, has ushered in the most suitable decoration season of the year. Many owners began to step into the ranks of decoration, but decoration is a huge project, and there are many things and knowledge to prepare. For novices who are first involved in decoration, arming themselves with knowledge is the king. Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian has prepared a four step strategy for you to prepare for the decoration today, to escort you in the decoration process

decoration preparation I: accumulate and sort out on weekdays

at present, the Internet contains a large amount of knowledge, and it is easy to search a large amount of home decoration knowledge. However, how to remove the weeds from these massive amounts of knowledge has become a problem in front of everyone. This requires diligent sorting and accumulation, and good knowledge classification. After knowing the general knowledge of home decoration, it is a good choice to visit home decoration Forum. If you encounter problems you don't understand, you can ask netizens at any time and exchange home decoration experiences online. At the same time, you can also pay attention to the collective procurement, home decoration lectures and other activities organized by netizens online. While preparing knowledge, you can also purchase some furniture and building materials at the same time

decoration preparation 2: consult with the decoration experts

for example, if your colleagues, relatives, friends, classmates, etc. have been decorated, you must not miss the opportunity to consult. You can get the most direct knowledge of home decoration from them. Often they will show you what they have done in the decoration process. Of course, they will also take the opportunity to spit on you. This is a good opportunity to learn, and their painful lessons can be used for reference directly. In the process of understanding home decoration knowledge, you will also accumulate some information about decoration companies and construction teams, killing two birds with one stone. Why not do it

decoration preparation III: personally experience the selection of building materials and consulting companies

shopping in the building materials city mainly focuses on acquiring knowledge of building materials and furniture. If you shop more, you can generally understand the category, brand, workmanship and possible price traps of building materials and furniture

consulting decoration companies is mainly to consult their designers and foremen of construction teams. Of course, you can't see foremen in some decoration companies. Through them, you can obtain the knowledge of home decoration design, refer to some design schemes, and obtain the matters needing attention in construction

decoration preparation 4: visit the model room

this depends on the actual situation. Not everyone has such an opportunity. Generally speaking, for decoration companies, owners who are interested in choosing them may arrange them to visit the model room. Since it is a model room, of course, it is well placed here for everyone to visit. Some of them even do model projects without losing money

if you choose this decoration construction team, you should not book more than the model room for your own home decoration effect. The advantage of visiting the model room is that you can get the most intuitive decorative effect and have the most intuitive picture of your future home decoration space arrangement. It is helpful for you to make a good abdominal draft in the next design. It is also a good opportunity to visit a decoration company




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