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Determining the cost is the most important for the whole decoration, and it is very dangerous to place all our hopes on the decoration company

it is most important to determine the cost for the whole decoration, and it is very dangerous to place all hopes on the decoration company. As the saying goes, do not fight unprepared battles. For the ultimate satisfaction of consumers, and to save more energy and time in the decoration process, the home decoration supervisor will take you to have a broad understanding of the market

first, the investment allocation ratio of home decoration

first, let's introduce the expenditure items of home decoration. There are generally five large expenditures for decorating a room:

1 Decoration part

2. Kitchen and bathroom equipment

3. Furniture

4. Household appliances

5. Decorations

there are many theories about how to allocate the proportion of these five parts in the total investment: decoration, kitchen and bathroom account for 50%, furniture account for 30%, household appliances and others account for 20%. Some also said that the investment ratio of decoration and furniture and household appliances should be between 1:1 or 1:2. In the end, the author believes that due to different occupations, personalities, preferences and so on, the distribution proportion of home decoration investment by consumers can not be the same, but consumers can take the proportion relationship that is more recognized by everyone as a calculation basis for predicting home decoration investment and controlling the total expenditure of home decoration

second, the specific expenditure items of home decoration

by listing the specific expenditure items of home decoration one by one, you can clearly know the details of the goods you need to buy. Therefore, you only need to inquire about the price in the market, and you can be confident about the cost of home decoration. In this way, in the process of home decoration, you only need targeted control, so the total cost of home decoration will not exceed our expectations

decoration part:

currently, general home decoration includes: the part completed by the decoration company and the part purchased by consumers themselves

(I). The part completed by the decoration company:

includes: basic decoration, design and corresponding water and electricity transformation costs

1. Basic decoration:

the projects that must be carried out in decoration only account for a small part of the total decoration cost. Consumers generally do not know the total decoration cost and often like to bargain with decoration companies. In fact, this is not good. The general prices of similar companies are not much different, and the results tend to reduce prices and increase risks

2. Design part:

projects that reflect style and taste. It is the soul of decoration. Blindly increasing design projects is one of the important reasons for investment overspending. However, the lack of necessary clever design makes the home look dull

3. Water and electricity transformation:

water and electricity transformation, with fewer new houses, more old houses, and more old ones. The increase of design projects, especially the number of lamps in the ceiling, has a great impact on the cost. Some customers blindly increase all kinds of switches and sockets, and finally the cost is amazing, which is also one of the important reasons for investment overspending

at present, consumers only need to find several different types of decoration companies to determine this part of the expenditure by comparing their quotations and determining the quotations suitable for their own companies

(II). The part purchased by consumers themselves:

the part purchased by consumers themselves, including: Floor materials, sanitary ware, lamps, switch panels, large and small hardware, cabinets, etc. the material selection of this part is different, and the value changes greatly, which is the most important reason for investment overspending. Reasonable investment in ceramic tiles, wooden floors, toilets, bathtubs, basins, cabinets, large hardware and other aspects plays a decisive role in the decoration budget. In this part, consumers need to work hard to understand the market price of main materials, and then determine it according to the required quantity of home decoration


nowadays, the concept of "light decoration, heavy decoration" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and furniture has become the focus of home decoration. Proper furniture selection can increase the decorative effect and use function of the room, and a reasonable price is also the guarantee that the total cost of home decoration does not exceed the standard


decorations include many items, and their cost can be more or less, which is mainly determined by everyone's artistic cultivation. Decorations, especially cloth art, have a great impact on the overall effect after decoration. The coordinated and unified colors will make people relaxed and happy, and a few minutes can make the room look different, which will change a good mood. Therefore, we must work hard in this regard and spend appropriately, Often get twice the result with half the effort

household appliances

the household appliance industry is a very mature industry, with high brand concentration, transparent market prices, and good services. Everyone has no worries at home. Moreover, most consumers have brand loyalty, relatively speaking, the choice is relatively concentrated, and the cost is relatively easy to control




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