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For those who are addicted to books, home must have a place to belong to the book Pavilion. In the spacious and bright study, holding a roll in your hand, you will feel more indifferent and calm in your heart. Broken room

in the time of life, on the journey of life, all kinds of prosperity and pageantry come one after another:

in his youth, he was in the prime of weathering and wanton pursuit of the ideal pace in the Liao Yuan of knowledge

in adulthood, hold the hand of your son, play harmoniously, and share the peace of the years

having three or five confidants in life, raising a glass to invite the moon, drinking wine and having fun, infinite pleasure

no matter what state you are in, you can't live without the warmth of the home harbor. When prosperity is over, you can return home, or read, or drink tea, or play chess. With the persistence and company of OPEC doors and windows, you can enjoy the peace of years gently and calmly

there is a way in the book mountain. Diligence is the path

for those who are addicted to books, there must be a place in their home that belongs to the book Pavilion. In the spacious and bright study, holding a roll in your hand, you will feel more indifferent and calm in your heart. The indoor sliding door with broken bridge and heat insulation and the warm yellow in the study help to concentrate on peace and make the study more peaceful. The strong sound insulation effect of OPEC doors and windows bridge breaking insulation series sliding doors creates a quiet isolation space for reading, and time quietly passes in the sound of turning books

the fragrance of tea drifts away, stealing a half day's leisure

the years are long, and don't stop in a hurry. Get three or five confidants in life, often get together, talk about the past and the present, and smile relatively. Take two liang of sweet spring and choose five Qian good tea. In the midst of talking and laughing, the tea fragrance in the purple sand pot spreads quietly. If this is the case, what can I ask for? OPEC heavy balcony door. The modeling quality is good, the outdoor heat and noise, and the indoor feel like an eternity. Coupled with natural wooden furniture, it adds a clear atmosphere of nature, which is hidden in the city. Isn't that right

three meals and one night, life, family

the composition of family is the conclusion and sublimation of kinship and marriage. The laughter in the lobby supported the hard work in the society. Home is not only a warm gathering, but also a harbor for the soul. Create a restaurant layout that highlights the humanistic atmosphere, making the hall more brilliant. OPEC's neoclassical sliding door series, the red of Chinese style, inadvertently annotated the inheritance and elegance of home. The plain dining tables and chairs match each other and complement each other

OPEC doors and windows adopt bridge broken thermal insulation profiles, which integrate heat insulation, heat preservation, noise prevention, dust prevention and moisture prevention. The whole door and window is as bright and clean as water. Under the sunlight, it shines brightly. Create a wonderful elegant scene where people live in harmony with each other, with science and technology, and with nature





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