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Qijia picture show: practical cabinets that return to nature

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regardless of any cabinet, in addition to the service and the quality of the things themselves, there is also a very, very important link is installation, and the quality of installation directly affects the first two, so to speak, no matter how good the service and products are, if the installation is not good, it is equal to wasting all previous efforts! Recently, I saw that many cabinets have been complained, and most of the problems are in the installation process. So I think the service of the cabinet can best reflect the value of the cabinet brand. No matter how good the sales are, without good installation and after-sales, everything is useless

since the beginning of decoration, I have constantly told myself that I should learn to compromise and not pursue perfection too much. As long as it is not a matter of principle, I must tolerate it. It is precisely because of this concept that I have gone from cleaning up and buying yellow sand, cement, nails, wires, paint, accessories, etc. to now, although it is not very smooth, at least there is no big problem. Fortunately, relying on the group, I'm happiest to know many business netizens

configuration: the cabinet is made of E1 grade 18mm environmental protection board from KONOS, Germany, the door panel is made of King Yulin board, the damping hinge and air support are made of German Harn, and the handle is an embedded handle. The door panel is horizontal and the side seal plate is vertical

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