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Traditional home decoration “ Gold nine silver ten ” In the peak season, home decoration companies have reported that the decoration of new houses is not booming, while the company undertakes more old house renovation and local decoration businesses. After living in a house for more than ten years, the tiles in the bathroom cracked, and I want to re paste the tiles; The cabinet table in the kitchen is cracked, and the function division is unreasonable. I want to re plan and design. Recently, Mr. Li, who lives in the old residential building of Jinsong, asked the reporter of the Beijing Morning Post which decoration company can undertake the renovation of kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, there are many consumers who have similar local decoration needs as Mr. Li, but because of miscellaneous quantities, low unit prices, easy disputes and other problems, decoration companies will “ Decline ”. But now the situation has changed, which was once regarded as “ Chicken ribs ” Partial decoration has become a new business growth point of decoration companies

there are many and miscellaneous demands for local decoration

the market demand for local decoration has always existed, not emerging recently. Only in the early stage, there was more demand for the overall decoration of new houses and second-hand houses. Home decoration companies selectively avoided local decoration business and received more overall decoration business. There are also some home decoration companies that accept local decoration business. For the sake of maintaining the most basic profit, they weigh the total price of bureau decoration, and those below a certain standard will not accept orders

in the past two years, as far as the first tier cities are concerned, the development of new buildings and the trading volume of new houses are gradually decreasing, and the stock houses have become the main force of the market. The changes in the real estate market are transmitted to the home decoration market, which is reflected in the increasing demand for the overall renovation of second-hand houses and the partial decoration of old houses. With regard to the local decoration of old houses and second-hand houses, consumers' needs are many, including almost all the spaces of the house, such as bedroom adjustment, children's room renovation, study remodeling, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, etc. due to the miscellaneous and inconsistent needs of local decoration, it once became a problem for home decoration companies to take orders and bypass. Entering the stock housing market, the business strategy of home decoration companies has also been adjusted, and different office decoration configurations have been developed according to the common office decoration needs of consumers, such as kitchen and bathroom office decoration packages

Bureau decoration is prone to disputes

different from the overall decoration, there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to in local decoration, which is also one of the reasons why home decoration companies are cautious in meeting the needs of local decoration. First of all, compared with the overall decoration, the unit price of the partial decoration project is much higher, mainly because the local decoration is more difficult than the whole decoration construction. However, this seems to be beyond the cognition of most consumers: how can such a high cost be calculated if it is simply partially decorated. This requires the home decoration company to fully communicate with the owner before decoration, so as to avoid disputes caused by too much difference between price and budget. Secondly, the inspection should be more careful when carrying out local decoration, so as not to affect the unrepaired pipeline during construction. And the demolition is also more difficult than the whole installation, because the safety of water, electricity, heating, etc. should be considered. Thirdly, the protection of finished products is also needed for local decoration to ensure that when decorating a space, it will not cause damage and loss to other furniture, floors and walls. Finally, local decoration is easy to cause disputes between owners and decoration companies. Once there are problems outside the local decoration, it is difficult to define

many brand companies have launched local decoration business

many consumers with local decoration needs do not know which decoration companies to find to decorate? Before looking for a home decoration company with a large brand, there was a limit on the lowest price of the project; There are also some decoration companies, frankly speaking, they refuse to accept the low profits; Find a decoration team to decorate, and worry about whether the quality of decoration is qualified. At present, many home decoration companies are involved in bureau decoration business, and some even develop special packages for local decoration. For example, the current decoration, which focuses on the field of old house decoration, was launched as early as 2015 “ 1+N” Local magic cube, consumers can match the local magic cube area at will; Love space launched in 2016 “ Kitchen and bathroom renovation mini series ”, Including 3 toilet renovation packages and 2 kitchen renovation packages; also launched toilet, kitchen and other decoration packages for Jingzhuang family in Beijing market. Jingxing decoration also launched a number of local decoration packages, including independent bathroom renovation package, kitchen renovation package, refresh service, curtain wallpaper soft decoration service, etc. In addition, there are Internet home decoration enterprises specializing in local decoration in the home decoration market, such as three craftsmen, and some Internet home decoration platforms have also begun to explore Bureau decoration business




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