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Recently, Ouxiang has received many good news, and several dealers have signed cooperation agreements with Ouxiang. Ouxiang's business philosophy, cooperation mode, franchise policy Be fully affirmed

recently, Ouxiang has been receiving good news

several dealers have signed cooperation agreements with Ouxiang

Ouxiang's business philosophy, cooperation mode, franchise policy Be fully affirmed

on November 17, 2016, Mr. Liu Weirong, Guangfeng District, Shangrao City, successfully signed a contract with Ouxiang doors and windows. This cooperation has laid a solid foundation for Ouxiang to enter Guangfeng market, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province

in March 2015, the State Council of China issued the notice on adjusting some administrative divisions of Shangrao City, approving the cancellation of Guangfeng county and the establishment of Guangfeng District of Shangrao City. Guangfeng district is subordinate to Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. It is located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, bordering Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province to the East, Yushan County to the north, Shangrao County and Xinzhou District of Shangrao City to the west, and Pucheng and Chong'an counties of Fujian Province to the south. Guangfeng is located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, the east of Shangrao region, and the south of Zhejiang Jiangxi railway and national highway 320. Convenient transportation, superior geographical location and abundant natural resources have brought high-speed economic growth to Guangfeng district

Ouxiang doors and windows

Mr. Liu made friends with Ouxiang doors and windows through the Internet. After several months' observation, I finally understood the development direction and brand strength of Ouxiang doors and windows and chose to join the family of Ouxiang doors and windows

in fact, President Liu, who has been exploring the door and window industry for many years, did inspect many brands before deciding to sign the contract, but he always gave up cooperation due to various restrictions or conceptual conflicts. As dealers have been deeply aware that the price war has affected the dealers' control over the quality of doors and windows, the hidden rules of the door and window industry can be seen everywhere, and all kinds of disorderly competition without standards and limits rush the market. President Liu said that we will continue to cooperate seamlessly, jointly strengthen the "euroshare" brand, and do a good job in Guangfeng market, so that both sides can achieve win-win results

I believe that through the efforts of president Liu, Ouxiang doors and windows will be able to present a different home life to local citizens

the addition of a new member will inject greater driving force into Ouxiang doors and windows. For more than ten years, the edge is gradually exposed, and we seize every moment in the doorway! With the continuous successful franchising of dealers, the brand popularity and company influence of Ouxiang doors and windows continue to improve

Ouxiang doors and windows always adheres to the enterprise business philosophy of "serving customers, continuous innovation, and win-win cooperation", works with partners to win-win blue ocean, controls the high-end from cloud to end, leads the terminal, and strides forward towards the goal of building a safe, healthy, and environmental friendly door and window home service kingdom

here, on behalf of all employees of Ouxiang doors and windows, Ouxiang Xiaobian wishes president Liu of Guangfeng franchise store a prosperous business




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