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Lesley Riddoch: This is a proxy independence election ... it’s all about the journey, not the destination - Today News Post Today News || UK News

This is meant to be the independence election. Yet it has already followed HIS a well-trodden path towards avoiding the subject completely.

Of course, politicians are debating plenty of related subjects – referendum timing, the personality of leaders, simple versus supermajorities and the MSP total (if any) that will compel Boris Johnson to grant another Section 30 request.

But just as discussing the route to the polling station is not the same as casting a vote, so discussing the wisdom of “wildcat” votes is not the same as discussing independence itself. Y’know. What life would be like in the long, medium and short term if the nation of Scotland voted to become a new state. What advantages there might be. Which trading bloc (EFTA or the EU) might Scotland decide to joinThe larger community as well. This has left some employers confused abou. Which broken British social and financial systems might be recastThe U.S. in December there were early signs tha, which disastrous Thatcherite privatisations undone, what democratisation begun once Westminster’s “winner takes all” template in welfare, defenceThe second wave o, foreign relationsThe director o, economy, energy infrastructure and trade is completely removed from our politics. And yes, which currency Scotland would use, how much debt incurredPeel, and what kind of risk and disruption encountered along the way.

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